Shooters still active in California; Hillary & Co. ALREADY tweeting this…

There are multiple fatalities in San Bernardino – possibly 12 — and perhaps up to 20 people injured in a mass shooting at a social services center that treats the developmentally disabled. The shooters may still be active. All we know is that there were up to three shooters with rifles wearing ski masks and vests, possibly in military-style attire and possibly escaping in a black SUV. We do not know the motive.

But we do know that liberals have wasted no time in ignoring the victims while politicizing the event, trotting out the gun control agenda and blaming the NRA.

First up is her highness, Hillary Clinton:


Not to be outdone, her opponent Martin O’Malley blames the NRA for the shooting:


And here’s the general gun control screed:


But conservative commentator Ben Shapiro sums it up all too well:



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