Hate to say it, but what Turkey just did to Russia brings us even CLOSER to WWIII

You know, I’m just a simple Southern fella: God, guns, country, family, and SEC football. It’s probably easy to confuse me and I just gotta tell ya, the Obama administration is doing a bang-up job doing it.

For example, ISIS is contained according to President Obama on a Friday morning and later that day ISIS kills 130 and wounds 300 in an Islamic terror attack in Paris.

Yesterday the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General “Fighting” Joe Dunford said ISIS MAY be contained at the tactical level, but not strategically. Obama says in Paris that we have to stop defining leadership by sending troops, but the Secretry of Defense Ashton Carter says we’re going to send 200 more special operations forces as part of an expeditionary targeting force – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Obama believes we show resolve when we organize people from around the world to tackle climate change, but ISIS doesn’t seem too concerned about the weather.

And speaking of climate change, global warming, or whatever the popular progressive socialist language is today, y’all remember back in the early 70s when the rage was the coming ice age? Heck, that crap freaked us out in Georgia that we were all gonna freeze to death. It’s funny, that was right about the same time when the pesky PLO fellas were running around doing Islamic terror stuff — you know, hijacking planes and killing people. Maybe those Islamic jihadists were upset about freezing to death — just like the ones now are angry about being too hot.

What a confusing mess. But here’s thing that’s not confusing. Russia and Turkey are heading down a very dangerous path. Maybe they’re getting too hot as well?

As reported by the Daily Caller, “Turkey slammed the door on Russian sea travel Sunday, effectively shutting off Moscow’s access to the Black Sea and raising serious concerns among experts about escalating tensions in the region.

The recent blockade is preventing Russian naval vessels from traveling in the Black Sea to Syria. The Russian Black Sea fleet has been a key component to Russian operations in the war-torn country, primarily operating out of the Syrian port of Tartus.

Without access to the Turkish Straits, Russian attempts to increase force projection in Syria or resupply the units in the country will be extremely limited.

“This better be a joke — because if not, WW3 is about to start,” quipped John Schindler, former NSA operative and national security columnist at the Observer. The conflict between Russia and Turkey adds fuel to the raging fire that is Syria. A

As a NATO member, Turkey is party to Article 5 of the NATO convention which considers an attack on any of the NATO allies an attack on them all, including the United States. NATO has shown support for Turkey throughout the incident and the issue will certainly be brought up as Turkish President Ahmet Davutoglu visits NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg today.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Saturday that Russia would begin sanctions against certain Turkish exports as well as a halt to charter flights between the two countries. Additionally, Russia armed its fighter aircraft with air-to-air missiles for the first time Monday, giving them an offensive capability against any future aggression by Turkish aircraft.”

But fear not, if we get a climate change agreement, then the temperatures will drop and cooler heads will prevail. Riiiight.

Folks, I shared with you the gumbo of the Middle East security situation recently. The bottom line is that Turkey has been on the side of the Sunni Islamic terrorists — “rebels” — who are fighting against Bashar Assad. Turkey has been supporting Al Nusra Front and there can be no doubt that Turkey has been enabling ISIS and its illegal oil sales.

Russia is supporting Assad, the fella Obama said must go. Also remember that Obama has referred to Turkey’s Erdogan as his very good friend, a man who is an open Islamist. Russia is also bombing the folks Obama has been supporting to fight against Assad. So when Obama states he believes Vladimir Putin will see the light and join the coalition against ISIS, he is confusing himself. Putin will pursue his own goals, objectives, and agenda. He is the epitome of the strong man and does not feel any need to “join up” with Obama, a team that appears to be losing, led by a weakling.

Russia has opened up a second military base in Syria and when Obama “pops off” that this will be an Afghanistan for Russia he fails to understand the key difference — Putin has a coalition. Putin leads the coalition of the host nation, Syria, its major sponsor in the region, Iran, and the Iranian proxy military force, Hezbollah. And I can guarantee you another antagonist looms in the shadows: China.

And those of you who know history realize this is not the first time Russia and Turkey (Ottoman Empire) have faced off. They did so back in 1853 to1856 in what was known as the Crimean War. If you know the famed poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson, “Charge of the Light Brigade” or as a student of military history who studied the Battle of Balaclava, you’re well versed in this conflict.

Russia was alone against France, the United Kingdom, and the Ottoman Empire — and the nexus was all about religious rights in the Holy Land for Orthodox Christians. And yes, the Black Sea came into play back then. Russia lost, but the modern Eastern European states emerged from the signed treaty and the solidification of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church. Oh, how does history repeat itself — then again, perhaps the Crimean War was all about global warming?

There is such a confused state because we have a confused leader in President Obama. Remember him chastising Mitt Romney in the final 2012 presidential debate when Romney stated Russia was our greatest geopolitical threat? Even John Kerry mocked Romney at the Democrat convention in Charlotte. But ya gotta ask, who’s having the last laugh now in these non-laughing matters?

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