Boo-hoo: Clock Boy makes NEW shocking confession

Oh, the sad, sad story of ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed continues to get more tragic entertaining.

Just in case you haven’t been keeping up with this comedy reality show, here’s the synopsis. After Ahmed brought his fake bomb brilliant scientific invention to school and was questioned by police, feted by celebrities, invited to the White House, got his own hashtag and online groupies, and received a full scholarship to a university in Qatar (funded by the Muslim Brotherhood), he was so traumatized that he and his family moved to the much friendlier and liberally-minded monarchy of Qatar which is, in actual fact, after Saudi Arabia, the most conservative society in the Gulf States as most Qataris adhere to the strict Wahhabi interpretation of Islam.

But the scars of his trauma were still too great, and several days ago, as Breitbart reports, “his attorneys demanded a total of $15 million plus apologies from the City of Irving and the Irving Independent School District over his Sept. 14 arrest for bringing to school a homemade makeshift clock that resembled and was mistaken for a suitcase bomb. Breitbart Texas reported that letters sent by Ahmed’s attorneys alleged that the Mohamed family moved to the Middle East because “threats and fear drove his family from Texas.”

But threats and fear cannot overcome a little boy’s love for his old suburban home, and yesterday — $15 million notwithstanding — Ahmed admitted he was homesick and wanted to move back to Irving.

However, Ahmed may never get to realize his dream because peaceful rallies make him SCARED to come home.

Breitbart reports, “‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed claims anti-Islam protests held in Irving, Texas, keep him from returning to the United States. Ahmed insistst hat, although homesick in Qatar, even peaceful anti-Islam rallies held in Irving are stopping him from traveling back to the place he calls home, Texas.

In a long-distance video phone interview with Dallas CBS affiliate KTVT 11, the “Clock Boy” said he was ready to come home and wanted to do so immediately, but claimed a recent armed yet peaceful protest outside the Irving mosque thwarted that plan. Ahmed told the TV news outlet: “I was scared because I’ve heard what happened recently with, like, people with guns going to my local mosque,” adding: “…I mean, they have the right to do that but it’s scary because I’m afraid, you know.”

Yes Ahmed, I’m afraid too. I’m afraid people with guns will actually start SHOOTING in restaurants and blowing themselves up at sporting events while shouting “allahu akbar.” I’m afraid people will make bombs out of things that look like clocks they can stick in suitcases, load them on planes and blow them out of the sky.

I’m afraid because all of that has actually already happened. And may well happen again.

Gosh, what a shame you miss the old U.S. of A, where spoiled brats like you are free to bring fake suitcase bombs to school and become a celebrity. Stay afraid, young Ahmed. And don’t hurry back.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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