Three terrible tragedies occurred on Sunday, and I’ll bet you didn’t read about a single one

As the world gathered to create an agreement on climate change, we forgot the importance of this past Sunday. It was November 29, 1947 that the United Nations voted 33-13 to adopt UN Resolution 181(II) creating what we know today as the modern State of Israel.

Now we have a United Nations that votes 99 percent of the time against Israel — who can forget the silent stare of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the last UN General Assembly. And today we have a growing international BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement against Israel while we seek to relieve sanctions against the main supporter of Islamic terrorism that chants “death to Israel.” And it is Iran who supports the main antagonists of Israel, Hezbollah and Hamas. So 150 global leaders gathered in Paris to talk about the weather. How lovely.

Meanwhile back in Israel on November 29th, as reported by Haaretz, “A Border Policeman and a 30-year-old woman were wounded in two stabbing attacks in Jerusalem on Sunday morning.

The woman, who was stabbed in the back while waiting at a bus stop on Shmagar Street in Jerusalem, was named by Ynet as Hisorai Taplaya, 31, a foreign worker from Nepal. In the first incident, a Border Police officer, in his 20s, was wounded at the entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem. The Palestinian assailant was shot and killed.

A few hours later, Magen David Adom rescue services reported another stabbing attack near a bus in the city. The victim was moderately wounded and the assailant fled the scene. A suspected assailant was detained later. The first attack occurred just before 8 A.M. near Damascus Gate. According to the Magen David Adom rescue services spokesman, the officer suffered light to moderate stab wounds to the upper body. He was evacuated to Hadassah University Hospital in Ein Karem.

The assailant, a Palestinian resident from the West Bank in his late 30s, came out of Damascus Gate and encountered two Border Police officers. The police report stated that he shouted “Allahu Akbar” and stabbed one of the officers in the neck.”

So what future is the climate change conference supposedly promoting? And here is a prime example of the response to the rebuke to terrorism of which President Obama spoke regarding the gathering in Paris.

Islamic terrorists couldn’t care less about these folks getting together for an agreement about climate change. They don’t hate and despise us because of the weather. The stabbing attacks in Jerusalem do not continue because it is 0.001 degrees warmer. And actually, the only country that has done anything since the Kyoto protocols has been the United States. However, the religious leader of the cult of global warming, Barack Obama, wants more to be done.

It appears to me there are only a few things that elicit righteous indignation from President Obama: being challenged by the media, Republicans, the Second Amendment, and climate change.

When it comes to fighting against Islamic terrorism and jihadism, you get watered down talking points. Or abject disinterest, as he expressed on CBS 60 Minutes, when he confessed to Steve Kroft that he really didn’t want to execute the Syrian rebel training strategy — that he told us was his strategy.

When we talk about a better world for our children, what about the Christian and Jewish children in the Middle East? Ask yourself, has Obama ever been to Sderot and seen the bomb shelters at the playgrounds? Has he ever sat and talked to Jewish social workers to discuss the trauma children undergo because of the incessant rocket and missile attacks raining down upon them? Perhaps Obama should watch the videos and listen to the audio of Hamas openly using children as human shields for their savagery.

As the UN brings together this gang of 150 for climate change, what about the change in the demography of Christians in the Middle East, say in Mosul? Does the future of Christian girls being raped and sold into slavery not take precedence over talks about the weather?

Sure, some of you will say these folks can multitask — well, I haven’t seen that as of yet. Apparently the priority isn’t the clear and present danger of the enemy who professes who they are and their objectives. And again, consider the optics of meeting in Paris, where just seventeen days ago we watched the horror of 130 losing their lives and some 300 wounded because of Islamic terrorism… and the subject is weather. Nah, the enemy doesn’t feel rebuked, he feels vindicated because the real message is that the West, if not the entire world, is too afraid to attack and defeat him. What a great recruiting tool for ISIS and all the Islamic terrorist jihadist barbarians operating across the world.

November 29, 1947 to November 29, 2015…what an incredible difference, and how many of you even knew what had happened on that date 68 years ago?

Yes, three tragedies occurred on Sunday. First, there were multiple stabbing attacks by Palestinians for which Israel will somehow be blamed. Second, on the 68th anniversary of its creation, it is abundantly clear the world and the United Nations have completely turned their backs to Israel. And the final tragedy which will have implications for the entire globe is that the “leaders” of 150 nations find greater urgency in discussing the weather than the barbaric slaughter of their own citizens.

As Albert Einstein said, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

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