SPOT ON: Look why black conservative says America is the most racist country in the world…

Earl Hall is an Air Force vet, father, conservative blogger, talk show host and he happens to be black. Yesterday Hall wanted to make a point and posted an article entitled “America is the most racist and bigoted country in the world.”

He was not prepared for the onslaught he received in the form of vile comments and epithets – from liberals and conservatives alike – from people who never even bothered to read the article, other than the headline with the contentious image he chose (which actually showed white guys beating up other white guys).


But the reactions Hall received proved his point entirely. As Hall wrote in his original post, “This is exactly what you’d think by looking at your Facebook and Twitter feed. There is no good news and all we can do is try to make fun of and hurt one another.

This however is not the story of our lives at all.

Whoever you are right now reading this blog, you are America. Not the backbiting, name calling, spun news stories we get from FOX and MSNBC. Anyone looking at these daily stories from the media and political blogs would think what’s shown is actually what America and Americans are all about.

No, these tiny bits of news or propaganda are not what America is all about. MOST of us are simple people living simple lives as best we can. We don’t post or participate in fights that we can video and put on social media. We don’t hate people of other colors or races.”

Nonetheless, Hall received a hardcore response with every racial slur you could imagine – and some you’d rather not.

In fact, the barrage was so heavy, Hall realized he needed to post this video response.

Not that it helped, because Earl continued to get comments like this one.

Col. West always says if you’re catching flack, you know you’re over the target. But this is ridiculous. It is astonishing what Hall has endured simply because people never even bothered to listen to his message.

But then again, we see this playing out every single day across the country. People don’t listen and they don’t hear the truth.

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