Not a parody: Climate change fight hits new level of absurdity

Let’s talk priorities.

More than 790,000 migrants have arrived in Europe by sea in 2015, according to the UNHCR. Of that 790,000 figure, just over half — 52 percent — are Syrian, and another quarter are from Afghanistan and Iraq.
More than two-thirds are men.

We don’t even know who these people really are. We know one of the Paris bombers arrived in Greece on a boat from Turkey, but the Syrian passport he was carrying was fake. Was he Syrian? In the end, does it really matter? To the dead people in Paris, it does.

But if you’re not dead in Paris, what REALLY matters is whether the ice is melting. What really matters is not whether there are deadly terrorists hidden amongst the tens of thousands of “migrants” flowing into Europe (of which to date, only 147 have been resettled), but whether or not the Maldives will be underwater by the year 2085.

And since that matters so much, you need to protest. You need to join a “climate march” while there’s already a big climate change conference going on, to you know, bring attention to the matter – as if there isn’t enough already.

So what do you do when it’s just a couple weeks after the largest terror attack on Parisian soil and the “authorities” cancel your planned protest because of security fears?

You protest against that as well.

With shoes. Seriously. A pile of shoes.

People who are so concerned about the planet and humanity’s terrible impact on the health of the planet are protesting the garbage with….garbage.

Yes, they are piling up pairs of shoes in “symbolic protest” – at last count, perhaps four tons of them.

According to the Straits Times, “more than 20,000 demonstrators who had planned to come to Paris to participate in a large climate protest, but were left frustrated after the gathering was cancelled due to security fears, have instead sent shoes to form a big pile in a sign of solidarity at the Place de la Republique.

The event, organized by non-governmental organization, is being held to symbolize the people who were expected to take part in the gathering on Sunday (Nov 29).

Some 22,000 pairs now form part of the protest, said the organizers.

Even the Vatican sent a pair to represent Pope Francis, who is currently on a tour of Africa, organisers said.

Among those at the Place de la Republique on Sunday was charity worker Ida Digon, 48, from Indonesia, who said she was taking part in the shoe protest “because I am concerned about the climate. We consume too much in Europe.”

How exactly do you consume too much climate?

And how exactly does a pair of old shoes fight global warming?

Iain Keith, campaign director for said the shoes were donated by Parisians over the past week. “This is a way of symbolically and powerfully joining the climate march and each pair of shoes shows the determination of Parisians to have their voices heard on climate change,” he told The Straits Times.”

Your voices are being heard. With shoes. Folks, you simply cannot make this stuff up.

I certainly hope those shoes don’t end up as landfill. Maybe they’ll be donated to the migrants? If so, I hope they’re mostly men’s shoes.

[Note: This article was written barefoot by Michele Hickford]

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