Jaw-dropping: Watch black cop react to abuse from BLM protestors (Warning: Graphic)

Black Lives Matter protesters were out this weekend in rare form protesting fatal shooting of a black man a few weeks ago. And, naturally, police officers were out in force to help ensure the protests stay peaceful.

And while shots may not have been fired over the weekend (as they were a week ago during the same protests), weaponized words were indeed flying. The target of these Black Lives Matter protestors verbal epithets? None other than a black police officer, serving to protect those out protesting.

Watch — and see who’s deserving of the epithets. (Note: This video has been edited to remove some of the profanity. You can see the full, unedited version here.)

So exactly who’s perpetrating the brutality here? If you asked me, it sure looks like these BLM protesters are the ones slinging abuse on the police officer — whose main crime, it would appear, is being black and a cop. Kudos to this officer for displaying extreme grace in the face of such obscene and unwarranted abuse.

Once again, we see that to Black Lives Matter, it’s not even enough to say that all lives do not matter; but, apparently, only *certain* black lives matter.

And exactly what did this woman’s rant accomplish — other than to further diminish credibility for the “cause”? And continue to widen the racial divide in ways we haven’t seen in decades.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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