Journalist JAILED for propaganda against government; here’s how the media responds…

“Leave no man behind.” That’s a promise we who’ve served in combat make to each other. It’s why we still have the POW/MIA flags proudly flying and we honor the commitment, “until they all come home.” I sincerely wish that was a belief held by the Obama administration, but I guess if it’s a known deserter who has “served with honor and distinction” it does.

We’ve discussed here on these pages every aspect as to why the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the Iranian nuclear deal, is a farce and wrong for America and the world. We’ve shared here Iran’s continued belligerence and violations of the agreement, but there is nothing more heinous and disgusting than this one thing.

As reported by Fox News, “The brother of Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian is in the dark about the journalist’s fate following his sentencing in Iran, but he is clear on the Islamic republic’s judicial system.

“Although we cannot confirm the validity of these reports, we do know that the Iranian judicial process around Jason’s case has been profoundly flawed from the outset,” said Ali Rezaian. Jason Rezaian has been sentenced by an Iranian court over a case that has roiled already tense relations between the U.S. and Iran.

The length of the prison term was not specified, according to Reuters, but a judiciary spokesman confirmed the sentencing to local Iranian media. “Serving a jail term is in Jason Rezaian’s sentence but I cannot give details,” Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei told a weekly news conference in Tehran.

Rezaian was a Tehran-based bureau chief for the Washington when he and his wife Yeganeh Salehi, also a journalist, were arrested during a raid on their home in July 2014. Saleh was released a few months later while Rezaian continued to be held in Evin Prison. It wasn’t until nine months later that his charges were made public. He was accused of espionage and propagandizing against the government. He was given a trial in May of this year and was convicted on Oct. 11.”

Jason is joined by Saeed Abedini, Amir Hekmati and Robert Levinson — and as Newsmax reports, most recently Iran took another American prisoner as reported by Newsmax, “An Iranian-American businessman was arrested by Iranian security forces two weeks while he was visiting relatives in Tehran from his home base in Dubai, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday. The newspaper, citing people briefed on the situation, said Siamak Namazi, head of strategic planning at Crescent Petroleum Co, was arrested by the Revolutionary Guard’s intelligence arm, which reports to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.”

This occurred nearly a month ago, on October 29th, and how much have you read or heard about this?

You know, why is it that the liberal progressive media cares so much about Syrian displaced persons — who not even the Saudis are accepting — yet are mostly silent about criticizing President Obama for leaving Americans behind?

Why is it that these liberal socialist talking heads will toe the line on the Obama narrative but couldn’t give a damn about these Americans held prisoner by the militant Islamic terror regime in Tehran?

You know, Russian President Vladimir Putin was just in Tehran to talk with the Ayatollah and other Iranian leader — does anyone think he’d tolerate any country taking and holding his citizens hostage, as prisoners? I’m surprised that in a move which would have been immensely embarrassing for Obama, Putin didn’t demand our hostages be released.

So please, someone, instead of running your mouths about the action I took in Iraq, explain to me how you can support and tolerate President Obama abandoning these Americans to an Iranian prison?

Oh yeah, I forgot, there are different rules. Your guy Obama can abandon Americans to die in Benghazi and then lie about it — certainly acceptable for the liberal left. This is what needs to be clearly identified about the progressive socialist left, they could care less about Americans being killed, beheaded, held prisoner or murdered by Islamic terrorists. What matters is that their guy, Obama, is shielded and has his legacy — of what may I ask?

The left was pleased about the Iranian nuclear agreement and parroted the drivel that the only alternative was war. It seems even with the nuclear agreement we’re on that path — but hey, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

I would have thought the liberal progressive media would be all up in arms about Jason Rezaian, but sadly what Jason and his family must come to understand is it’s about Obama first. I’m constantly amazed at how incensed President Obama becomes when he talks about Republicans and conservatives.

Where is that fire, where is the indignation when it comes to Americans being taken hostage and killed by murdering savages? I will never forget the image of B. Hussein Obama heading out to play golf after delivering a weak response to the beheading of an American journalist, James Foley. But did you hear about the anger from the liberal progressive media, knowing one of their own had been killed in such a barbaric manner? Nah.

Just ask yourself, knowing how little Obama cares about the fate of Americans in Libya and Iran, do any of you think Hillary Clinton cares any more, the same, or even less?


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