HORRIFIC: New terror attack kills 5; media silent

We’ve been focused, rightly so, on the recent Islamic terror attacks in Paris and Mali — including the Belgian terrorists raids. But we’re simply reacting to something that a particular country must deal with each and every day, and we need to remember that.

Israel must contend with a vicious neighbor on all sides that wishes its destruction and the death of the Jewish people. And sadly, we have a world that pays very little attention – only to demonize Israel. The people of Israel face a Western world that wants to institute a system of boycotts, divestment, and sanctions against them while at the same time opening up new markets, embassies, and relieving sanctions against an Islamic terror state like Iran — that supports Hamas, Hezbollah, and certainly Fatah, all declared enemies of Israel.


As reported by Fox News, “An 18-year-old American man from the Boston area was among those shot and killed by a Palestinian terrorist [last] Thursday in the West Bank, Israeli officials told FoxNews.com.

The Israeli Government Press Office said Ezra Schwartz from Sharon, Mass., died in the attack on Thursday. Schwartz, who was spending his gap year in Israel, was reportedly on his way to deliver food to Israeli soldiers when he was gunned down. Schwartz studied in a Jewish seminary outside Jerusalem and had come to the country on Masa, a program that brings young Jews from abroad to live in the country, according to a statement distributed by the press office.

“Ezra came to Israel not only to study but also to be a part of the vibrant Israeli experience. This makes his death even more tragic,” said Natan Sharansky, chairman of the Jewish Agency, which works closely with the government to promote Jewish immigration to Israel.

The shooting and a separate, earlier knife attack in Tel Aviv Thursday left at least five people dead, and two suspects – both identified as Palestinians — were in custody, according to Israeli media reports.

The attacks took place a day after the one-year anniversary of the brutal killings of five worshippers — including three Americans — inside a Jerusalem synagogue by two Palestinians armed with meat cleavers and a gun.”

Let’s be very honest here, there’s no difference between what ISIS and al-Qaida have done in Paris and Mali. This is the result of Islamic terrorism, jihadism, and that is not about some insidious definition of inner struggle — this is a full fledged outward expression of violence, a culture of death.

I must give much credit to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who continues to exhibit such grace, leadership, and character in the face of abject abandonment. Prime Minister Netanyahu knows President Obama dispatched a team of political operatives to enable his defeat. We went apoplectic over John Kerry’s inane comment about legitimizing and rationalizing the Islamic terror attack against Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish kosher supermarket earlier this year. We should not forget that this is the same John Kerry who tried to made a statement of moral equivalency — we shared it here — along with his State Department talking head, equating Israel to the Arab terrorists conducting these stabbing attacks. We should be condemning the Fatah Islamic terrorist attacks, just as we’ve done with ISIS and al-Qaida. Instead Obama called our UN delegation away as Netanyahu spoke — a clear message heard not only by Netanyahu, but by his enemies as well.

This is the immediate action that should have been taken: not a dime in American taxpayer funding should be given to the Fatah. Some call it the Palestinian Authority in an attempt to legitimize it but they are terrorists with like intent, no different from those carrying the black flag.

Along with that, we should declare the Muslim Brotherhood an Islamic terror organization – they’ve certainly proven that the case. Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan is nothing more than a dressed up Islamic jihadist — a Muslim Brotherhood supporter — not our “friend” as Barack Obama has named him.

Paris and Mali have endured horrific terror attacks, but Israel has been undergoing the daily drip, drip of the bloodthirsty jihadists. Three Americans have lost their lives in the past two weeks due to Islamic terrorism, one each in Paris, Mali, and Israel. What will it take for Obama to take a definitive action — and I am not talking about more talking. We need to remember the savage barbaric nature of Islamic terrorism and not just at moments that draw heavy media attention. We need to remember that every day people awake and go to sleep in Israel knowing their demise is being planned not far away.

And we as Americans, as indeed the world, need to stop the game of moral equivalency and realize that Israel faces this enemy every day. We need to face this enemy with Israel, as they are killing our Jewish brothers and sisters, as well as Americans. We should definitely not be financially supporting them.


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