What Whoopi Goldberg just said about ChristIans is so RIDICULOUS we almost didn’t report it

If you were ever in doubt that the views expressed on The View are part liberal ideology sprinkled with a pinch of fantasy and historical revision, doubt no more. Tuesday’s panel of experts were determined to rewrite some Christian theology and American history, while discussing the dilemma facing American lawmakers who are intent on protecting American citizens, while at the same time helping those fleeing war torn Syria.

The conversation centered around the fact that some lawmakers think it ill-advised to admit tens of thousands of Syrian “refugees” who cannot be properly vetted. Other lawmakers believe only Christian refugees should be taken in as they’ve suffered disproportionately under ISIS – i.e. being killed for simply being Christian.

Per The Federalist, here’s the sparkling commentary that ensued.

“During the segment, the show’s hosts talked about the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis in the wake of the Paris attacks. At least one of the attackers gained entry into France through the country’s refugee resettlement program.

Since then, many have raised safety concerns over accepting migrants via a program with lax security screening requirements that have in the past allowed terrorists to enter the U.S.

“Some GOP presidential candidates, namely Ted Cruz, have said that if they were in charge, only Christian refugees would be allowed to resettle in the United States.

Co-host Joy Behar exclaimed that this stance wasn’t very Christian, then implied that the Christian refugees are super dangerous.

“[Oklahoma City bomber] Timothy McVeigh was a Christian,” Behar said. “Just sayin’.”

Behar provided no evidence to support her assertion, which is somewhat understandable since McVeigh wasn’t a Christian. McVeigh identified as an agnostic and said his violent actions weren’t motivated by any religious associations, but by an extreme hatred for the federal government.

“Whoopi Goldberg followed Behar’s convoluted line of thinking by pointing out how Adolf Hitler was totally a Christian.

“There have been a lot of monster Christians,” she said. “Hitler was a Christian.”

But Goldberg’s claims don’t add up, either.

The Reich Minister of Propaganda for Nazi Germany noted in 1941 that “[Hitler] hates Christianity, because it has crippled all that is noble in humanity.”

Historians disagree to what degree Hitler actively opposed Christianity in Germany, with many asserting that he planned to eradicate it entirely. In 1938, Hitler forced all pastors in the Lutheran church, the official German state church, to swear a personal oath to the Fuhrer on his 49th birthday.”

Tuesday’s discussion was YET ANOTHER perfect example of liberals who don’t mind changing history if it shores up their political or ideological views. Aside from actual historical facts, which contradict the statements that Hitler and Timothy McVeigh were “Christians,” the Bible itself proves that neither of these men were followers of Christ.

Galatians 5:22 very plainly describes the actions that will be evident in the life of a Christian and murdering six million innocent people surely isn’t on that list. Even if Hitler had claimed to be a Christian, which he did not, the facts are indisputable. By his actions, we know that he was not. Ditto for McVeigh.

Do Whoppi Goldberg and her View co-hosts really believe American Christians are just as dangerous as insane Islamic fanatics? I doubt it, but it might be good for them to remember that a recent Pew Research Center Demographic study showed that Americans still overwhelmingly identify as Christian or other religion to the tune of over 76 percent. While I was unable to find any reports of Christians yelling “Praise be to Jesus” prior to committing any crimes whatsoever, I was able to find reports of Christians IN AMERICA being killed by Muslims and Muslim converts.

The well-known media war being waged against Christians in America has reached legendary proportions and our own government is bringing the full weight of the Justice Department against a group of Catholic nuns who are dedicated to helping the elderly and sick – a group of terrorists if there ever was one.

I’d say if anyone is in danger, it’s the 76 percent of Americans who believe there’s more to life than Hollywood entertainment.

[Note: This article was written by Ashley Edwardson]


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