Governor says NO to refugees; this happens immediately

This is where I live, so it’s personal to me.

Democrat Mayors Tom Barrett of Milwaukee WI and Paul Soglin of Madison WI want to accept 1,000 Syrian Refugees. About 500 will go to Milwaukee and 500 will go to Madison Wisconsin. Never mind the fact that Governor Scott Walker has said no.

Cities United for Immigration Action (under the umbrella of Organizing for Action) is a national left-wing funded political organization trying to force the placement of Syrian refugees in states where governors have said no. Both mayors Barrett and Soglin have signed up their cities as alleged signatories to the demand for Syrian refugees in their cities. Doesn’t seem like the actual city council — let alone the citizens of the cities – have been consulted.

This is no big surprise since both Milwaukee and Madison are hot beds for liberalism and socialism in Wisconsin. While it’s very strange how so many mayors across the country are wanting to take in Syrian immigrants, it seems to be no coincidence that most of the mayors doing this across the country are in states where governors have said they will NOT take any Syrian Immigrants.

This topic and debate continues to bring up words like compassion, racism, and bigotry. All these words are used against right thinking people who do not want to add potential dangers to their states and cities across the country. We already know there are terror cells operating in all 50 states. Now we have U.S. elected officials saying it’s a great idea to increase this threat.

President Barack Obama has said the US will take in more than 10,000 Syrian refugees – and as we’ve reported here, wants to increase that number. This alone is alarming considering the fact that some already here have up and disappeared. There’s no way to track on any of these people. Nothing stopping them from getting here and going into YOUR state. Nothing from stopping them from joining up with the threats already here.

Here are some questions. Why are most of the Syrian Refugees young men and not women and children? Why do more than 30 percent of the refugees questioned sympathize with ISIS? Why are virtually none of the refugees Christian or Jewish? Why don’t Mayors Tom Barrett and Paul Soglin seem to care about any of this at all?

I live in Milwaukee and no one ever asked me if I wanted this in my city. No meeting was called by the Milwaukee County Board nor the Common Council. I wonder what the actual citizens of Milwaukee and Madison feel about taxpayer money being used to GIVE money to these refugees ($935 each). I wonder what the citizens feel about no vetting processing or tracking of the refugees once they get here?

Already we’ve lost track of Syrian immigrants in this country. It does ‘t take much of a stretch to assume some them are ISIS sympathizers or even in ISIS – considering ISIS has already said it intends to smuggle in its fighters.

Let’s make a really terrible bet. Will Milwaukee or Madison be the next Paris?

[Note: This article was written by Earl Hall]

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