What Charlie Sheen just announced may help ISIS recruitment.

Today actor Charlie Sheen appeared on national network television with the illustrious anchor Matt Lauer to announce he is HIV positive and has indeed been so for four years. He has spent millions on drugs and prostitutes – and hush money to keep this news private, but today decided to share it with the entire world.

May I just say I do not care one tiny bit? May I just say I am absolutely disgusted that this gets so much prime air time? That this privileged, talented, at one point attractive man has completely squandered all his God-given gifts and we’re supposed to give a rodent’s behind?

In the last few months, we’ve been bombarded with symptoms of our rampant, debauched, cultural decline in the West.

We have Bruce Jenner being celebrated with awards and magazine covers because he paid for a bunch of surgery, took a bunch of hormones and shaved his legs.

We have students on college campuses complaining about Halloween costumes and looking for “safe places” and whining about free tuition.

And we have candidates who wish to lead this nation as commander-in-chief proclaiming that the biggest threat facing our lives is WEATHER?

I must tell you this Sheen story has put me over the edge.

No WONDER the Islamists of ISIS laugh at us. No wonder they call us infidels in our land of “prostitution and vice.” No wonder they believe they can easily defeat us.

Look around at what our culture has become. Soft and weak, in the land of “participation trophies” and “safe places” and “gun-free zones.”

It’s despicable, and makes me want to hang my head in my hands and weep for the great nation that once was.

But perhaps change is afoot. I pray it is.

Perhaps Americans are beginning to wake up and say no more. Perhaps that’s the reason Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz lead in the polls.

Perhaps that’s the reason over half of the states in this nation have said no to accepting Syrian refugees.

I surely hope so.

Liberals always bleat, “why do they hate us?” You wanna know why? Because they look at us and see a nation of godless, mushy, gender-confused, whiney wimps who care more about Candy Crush than our own freedom and liberty.

Well, I’m damn sick and tired of it. I’m honored to lock shields with those who will restore our greatness.

And I don’t give a damn about Charlie Sheen.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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