Shock: Palestinians condemn Paris attacks, but you will NOT believe why

In an absolutely shocking move, the Palestinian Authority has actually condemned last week’s terror attacks in Paris. However, they wasted no time throwing Israel into the same pile saying, “Terror is terror and we condemn all terror. Be it destroying houses in Nablus and killing our children by Israel or hitting a Russian plane over Egypt.”

(Strangely they made no mention of the recent spate of knife attacks carried out by their own followers – but presumably that’s not “terror.”)

Terror is terror (1)

But that’s not the craziest part.

An op-ed yesterday in the official Palestinian Authority daily, Al Hayat Al-Jadida proclaimed that the Israeli secret intelligence service Mossad was behind the attacks in Paris. Translated by Palestinian Media Watch, the article states it’s no coincidence that “blood is spilled in Paris” at the same time Europe has decided to label Israeli products made in “settlements” and that France has led Europe in advising the security council to implement the two-state solution. According to the Palestinian Authority, Israel is the one benefitting from these attacks and that they serve the “goals” of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu:

The wise and correct thing is to look for who benefits. In short: They need to search the last place reached by the octopus arms of the Mossad…It is clear that its ‘Mossad’ will burn Beirut and Paris in order to achieve [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu’s goals. He, who challenged the master of the White House, hides in his soul enough evil to burn the world.

The day after the attacks, Bassam Abu Sharif member of the Palestinian National Council the legislative body of the PLO, also blamed Israel as the reason for the attacks in Paris, stating that the attacks are U.S. and Western leaders’ own fault because they have “applied different criteria to terrorists” and not taken a stand against Israel and the “Zionists.” He also implied that the West is involved in the attacks and said “The West has already used terrorist organizations in the past, armed them and trained them, in order to use them as a tool to serve its schemes and the schemes of Israel in the Middle East.”

Having condemned the attacks in Paris and expressed his “sympathy and solidarity with France,” Fatah’s spokesman in Europe, Dr. Jamal Nazzal, indicated that Israel is really to blame for the attacks because it “breeds violence in the entire world.”

“As a people who suffer daily aggressions by Israel we understand the suffering of the injured and the families of those who were killed in a cold blood. Palestinians know the bitter taste of losing beloved ones as the Israeli army is killing civilians in Palestine almost by the hour… We in the Fatah movement look forward to see the entire world winning this battle against terror especially in the Middle East. We know that restoring peace and stability in the Middle East is the first step to dry the sources of terrorism throughout the world. It is time to end the brutal Israeli occupation which breeds violence in the entire world.”

The spokesman for the PA National Security Forces, Adnan Damiri, posted statements on Facebook that hinted at Israeli responsibility for the attacks in Paris: “The French people hold an advanced position regarding the Palestinian cause with regards to the boycotting of settlers’ goods, and France has a positive standpoint regarding Palestine, and took care of Martyr Yasser Arafat. Who benefits from the murder of French people and terrorizing the French nation?”

Oh, and just for good measure, the Palestinians also think Israel and the U.S. were behind the Russian plane crash – never mind that ISIS has taken responsibility.

Per an an op-ed earlier this month in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, “The explosion of the Russian plane…was not an ISIS operation but a terror operation orchestrated by international and regional security services… this operation was beyond their capabilities [ISIS], because of its meticulous implementation, the statements released after the explosion of the plane, and what is secretly happening between the different countries, and clearly indicate that the operation was carried out by regional and international security services…”

But actually they’ve all got it wrong. Because according to Bernie Sanders, the real culprit for all of this terror is climate change!


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