Here’s the map of where Syrian refugees are in the US already

As we reported earlier today, fifteen states have all said they will no longer accept Syrian refugees – and no doubt that list will grow.

However, as we also reported, the president intends to greatly increase the number of Syrian refugees brought to our shores – and if you happened to enjoy self-torture and watched the Democrat debate last Saturday, you’ll know Mrs. Clinton intends to make that number even higher.

And…Syrian refugees are already here. The New York Times published this map of where Syrians have settled in the United States since arriving in 2012 (the map isn’t current with the states (shown in yellow) not accepting refugees).


The Times says, “Syrians made up about 2 percent of the 70,000 refugees admitted during the last fiscal year. The three largest refugee groups were from Myanmar, Iraq and Somalia.”

Given that fact, perhaps it’s useful for us to revisit THIS map, which shows mosques in the United States. You know, just for comparison. (scroll down)



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