Mizzou protestors create VILE hashtag campaign after Paris attacks

Yesterday, the thoughtful, clear-thinking individuals behind the Mizzou protests and #BlackLivesMatter issued tweets of indignation that the bloody calamity in Paris was detracting from their REAL struggle against terror on the leafy campus colleges across the fruited plain.


Well that wasn’t enough apparently. Now they’ve created what has to be one of the sickest hashtag campaigns ever to express their disgust over the unfair attention 129 dead bodies are getting over their fake poop swastikas and flag-burning: #f**kparis.

Here’s a selection of the hate-filled messages.


Interesting how these despicable, self-absorbed cretins seeking social justice for all the transgressions they have apparently endured are beginning to sound just like the spoiled white brats they decry.

[Note: This article was written with disgust by Michele Hickford]


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