NOT a joke: Look what Brian Williams is worrying about after Paris attacks

Amidst all the horrific tragedy we are currently digesting, I guess it’s nice we can thank the left for providing some comic relief. Sort of. Except they’re not kidding. And it’s just…pathetic.

Courtesy of NewsBusters, check out this little video clip of Brian Williams on MSNBC last night (and if four of you watch the clip, it will double their viewership for the night).

While talking to a man in Paris as the evening’s events were unfolding and bloodied bodies were being pulled from the scenes of carnage, ol’ Bri was concerned how the attacks will affect the messaging of the Paris Climate Change Conference which is scheduled to begin there at the end of this month.

I apologize if you were drinking something when you read that and it’s now all over your laptop.

Yes, in this interview with Weather Channel managing editor Sam Champion (who was there for an event with Al Gore (of COURSE)), Williams actually worries about the climate change conference – as Paris was in complete lockdown over a TERROR ATTACK. Even Champion was momentarily speechless.

There seems to be no end to the liberal insanity. Earlier today, we had the Mizzou protestors tweeting their dismay that this story is taking the focus off their fake poop swastika. And meanwhile, we have our Dear Leader (on the same day of the attacks, mind you) announcing he will be speeding up and increasing the number of Syrians coming to our shores. It’s great, isn’t it?

Have a good night. While you still can.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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