Raw hypocrisy: Hillary receives endorsement, then IMMEDIATELY does this

Just in case you needed any more proof of Hillary Clinton’s absolute hypocrisy and political expediency, here you go.

Just a day after Hillary Clinton received an endorsement from the League of Conservation Voters, a left-wing environmentalist group, she [privately] boarded her private, fuel-guzzling Learjet to make the short trip from New Hampshire to New York. Because nothing says “I care about the environment” than consuming 203 gallons of fuel and generating 4,283 pounds of carbon footprint per hour.

As The Washington Free Beacon reports:

American Rising PAC released a video Thursday showing Hillary Clinton boarding a private jet in Lebanon, New Hampshire for a short trip to New York one day after the Democratic presidential candidate received an endorsement from the League of Conservation Voters, a left-wing environmentalist group.

The endorsement caused backlash among some on the environmental left and from Bernie Sanders’ campaign who think that he has a better track record on environmental issues.

The Learjet 60 Clinton boarded consumes 203 gallons of fuel per hour and has an hourly carbon footprint of 4,283 pounds, according to the Daily Mail.

America Rising describes how the Clinton campaign pledged to go “carbon neutral” in July 2014, but a CNN report from last month showed that this objective, which specifically included travel, was never achieved yet “is still an important goal.”

Mrs. Clinton has switched her official position on multiple environmental and conservation issues over the past few years. In 2011, then-Secretary of State Clinton supported “smart, sustainable” drilling but now officially opposes doing so in the Arctic.

Regarding the Keystone XL pipeline, she originally took a neutral stance and was involved in discussions with Canada over constructing the pipeline, but now is firmly against the project altogether.

On the issue of coal, back in 2008 when Clinton was campaigning against Barack Obama, she said:

“I think we have got to take a hard look at clean coal. I have advocated carbon sequestration, I have advocated power plants looking for ways to use coal more cleanly and efficiently…. The political pressure [to use coal] will remain intense, and I think you have got to admit that coal — of which we have a great and abundant supply in America — is not going away.”

While speaking to the League of Conservation Voters this week, however, she made comments to the contrary:

Jeff Bechdel, the communications director for America Rising PAC, issued the following statement on Mrs. Clinton boarding the private jet:

“Hillary Clinton’s hypocritical campaign has hit a new low. Long gone are the days of the Scooby van and her campaign bragging about cost cutting. Clinton is so dependent on her out of touch lifestyle that she can’t quit her private jet addiction even just a day after touting the endorsement of a fringe green energy group.”

Of course, Clinton’s flip-flopping based not just on which way the wind is blowing — but based on what particular group she’s addressing at the moment — is no surprise really. And yet continues to astonish with its audaciously transparent hypocrisy.

But what is truly astonishing is that voters buy even an ounce of her “woman of the people” bovine excrement. If there’s one area in which we can count on consistency from Clinton, it’s her continued demonstration that she considers herself royalty — deserving to live well above her mere minions, even as she spews class warfare. Her flaunting of this only serves to convey the only true feelings we ever really see from the Queen: that is, her feelings of utter disdain for the people she professes to want to represent.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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