BREAKING: Paris gunman detained, tells police WHO is behind attacks…

This may not come entirely as a surprise, but it is no less chilling. The first suspected gunman detained by French police has told authorities he is from ISIS and that tonight’s attacks are an ISIS operation.

Via The Daily Caller:

Fox News reported French police have arrested a suspected terrorists involved in a series of attacks against several locations in Paris. The suspect is reportedly from Syria.

Suspect arrested at #Paris concert hall told Police: “I am from ISIS.” @ShepNewsTeam

Gunman were reported at the concert hall, one of them yelling “this is for Syria,” according to reports. Two gunman were reportedly killed during the police raid on the Bataclan, and it’s unknown what happened to the other gunman.

At least one dozen hostages were released from the Bataclan.

As we’d reported earlier, some gunmen were also reported to have shouted Allahu Akbar before shooting.

If credible, this news about the suspected gunman confirms our worst fears — that indeed ISIS is behind this sweeping, coordinated attack.

Hard not to fear this is only the beginning…

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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