Look what Russia just did; you SURE you’re backing the right candidate?

Remember that thing called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), you know, the fancy name for the Iranian nuclear deal? That thing we just had to do because the only other alternative was war? Funny, now we have Iran and Russia doing the hokey pokey in Syria with Bashar Assad. Well, let’s ask another question to test your memory. How many of you recall our discussions about the venerable and deadly S-300 anti-aircraft missile system?

Ok, let’s just take our minds off poop swastikas and Hillary’s wig for just a moment to focus on the issues.

The JCPOA stated that Iran is supposed to stay under a U.N. weapons ban for conventional systems for five years. The fanatical Islamist regime of Iran is supposed to be under a ballistic missile ban, according to the JCPOA, for eight years.

That ain’t happening.

We shared with you here the Iranian ballistic missile test and the video showing their underground missile bases. And now, we have even more.

As reported by the Financial Times, Russia is expecting to start deliveries of the S-300 surface-to-air missile systems to Iran by the end of 2016, ending a long legal dispute that threatened to undermine Moscow’s ambitions to deepen ties with Tehran. “The contract has been signed,” said Sergey Chemesov, chief executive of Rostec, Russia’s largest defence contractor and chairman of the country’s export agency Rosoborn.

“I think that by the end of next year we will start deliveries of the S-300,” he said. The decision by Moscow to sign the contract will be unwelcome news for Israel, which has long worried about enhancements of Iran’s anti-air capabilities and criticized Russian president Vladimir Putin’s decision in April to revive plans for the sale.”

I wanted to use the exact words from the Financial Times piece so no one can say this is being made up. You can also read the entire article yourself — but here is my point: does the “end of year 2016 date for closure” of this deal alarm y’all?

It’s not a coincidence but it is sending a message: Russia and Iran are preparing, or shall I say fortifying, for the next U.S. president.

They clearly understand Barack Obama will not take any action between now and the end of his tenure. Russia and Iran also recognize Obama will not go back on the JCPOA — this is his “legacy” item and doggone it, he’s gonna have it his way. That’s why Obama pressured — ok, let’s call it as it is, intimidated — 42 Democrat Senators into doing his bidding. As we shared, those Democrat Senators blocked the resolution of disapproval for the JCPOA from even coming to the Senate floor. That was the green light indicator the Iranians needed.

So as Obama sat there with Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, he knew exactly what he’d done to Israel. And folks, be honest, he doesn’t care. Can I ask all my charming liberal progressive Jewish friends out there, like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, this…how can Obama be sincere about supporting Israel when he dispatched campaign operatives to defeat Netanyahu?

Why didn’t Barack Obama say when Netanyahu was sitting with him, “Bibi, I was wrong about this Iranian deal. You were correct, they cannot be trusted and I clearly see that. Since my foolhardy endeavor with the JCPOA, the attacks against Israel by the knife-wielding Palestinians have increased. I know that Abbas has been corresponding with Iran and is seeking financial support. Prime Minister Netanyahu, we will not be releasing the $150 billion to Iran. I want you and I to develop a strategy to defeat Hamas, Fatah, Iran, and the Islamic jihadists that threaten the existence of your nation.”

Ok, I just woke up and am back to reality.

But it’s not just the contract signed for the S-300 systems. There is another concern about Iran.

As reported by Stripes.com, “Iran’s landmark nuclear deal with world powers has done little to stop the country from pursuing activities beyond its shores that the U.S. considers destabilizing, the U.S. naval commander charged with securing the waters around the Arabian Peninsula said Sunday.

Vice Adm. Kevin Donegan, commander of the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet, made the comments during an interview with The Associated Press at the opening day of the Dubai Airshow. He was careful not to underplay the significance of Tehran’s willingness to come to the negotiating table to hammer out a deal completed in July that gives it broad sanctions relief in exchange for curbs on its nuclear program. But he noted that other actions such as attempts to smuggle military equipment to Yemen and harassing ships transiting the Gulf continue just as they did before the agreement. “We’re still concerned about Iran’s behavior overall. Positive about the nuclear agreement, but concerned … about some of their malign behavior related to other things unrelated to the nuclear issue,” he said.”

Now of course, it’s quite easy for the Iranian naval forces to gain the upper hand since we don’t have viable CVBG coverage — that is, a carrier battle group.

This is why I reiterate this point: while watching the Tuesday night debate I was assessing who can be a commander-in-chief. Any one of them can hire an Art Laffer for economic policy. They could seek out T. Boone Pickens or any of the oil and gas fellas from here in Texas or Oklahoma to square away our energy policy. There are countless doctors around who could articulate a patient-centered free market-based healthcare system.

But only one person can sit and look across the table at Vladimir Putin — and not speak a word. Putin is making his moves and the only thing that will stop this highly intelligent and calculating former KGB colonel is a tough ol’ bird. Sure, there are some who will say, let Putin handle it or we don’t need to police the world. Nope, we do not, but we do need to confront evil, tyranny and bullies.

We need a president, a commander-in-chief, who understands, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Sadly, over the past almost seven years we are witnessing the triumph of evil because we failed to elect good men — and women.


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