Liberal attacks on Ben Carson take new DESPICABLE turn

Think back to the 2008 presidential campaign. Did you EVER see a headline screaming “Barack Obama has ongoing friendship with avowed terrorist?” No, of course not . Never mind that fugitive bomber Bill Ayers and his wife hosted a fundraiser for Barack Obama and contributed to his campaign. Never mind that they “lived a few blocks apart and sat on a couple nonprofit boards together.

No never mind any of that. Because Barack Obama was completely untouchable – and any attack on him would be construed as RACIST.

Which is why it is particularly galling that today we have all the liberal media screaming “Ben Carson has ongoing business partnership with convicted felon.”

The left is doing EVERYTHING it can to destroy Ben Carson’s reputation. After ridiculing his religious beliefs, attacking and then being forced to retract comments about his West Point “scholarship” and desperately trying to poke holes in the stories of his troubled adolescence, they are now trying a little guilt by association.

Gleefully reported by CNN, Mother Jones and here, Slate, “leading Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson—who’s currently dealing with a number of credibility issues—has an ongoing business relationship and close personal friendship with a Pittsburgh dentist who pleaded guilty to felony fraud after being charged in 2007 with billing patients for procedures that had not been performed. Carson’s relationship with the dentist, Alfonso Costa, predates his criminal conviction, which according to the AP involved more than $40,000 in fraudulently billed payments. Costa was fined and sentenced to house arrest and community service, and did not serve jail time.”

Okay, so Costa did the crime and paid the fines. But here’s the –GASP- awful part. Ben Carson is STILL his friend! And apparently, has a business relationship with him. Carson and his wife – GASP- bought a $3 million office building that the dentist has a role in managing.


“Costa also works with Carson’s scholarship charity and “continues to promote his involvement with Carson’s charity as part of his real estate business, prominently featuring the logo of the Carson Scholars Fund on the company’s website.”

Scandalous! Simply scandalous!

While Hillary Clinton’s foundation is accepting millions from sketchy foreign governments, being investigated by the FBI for casually mishandling highly classified documents, blatantly lying about terror attacks that caused the death of an American ambassador and three others, BEN CARSON IS BUYING OFFICE BUILDINGS!

And sticking by his friends, even after they’ve made some bad decisions. Why, who in their right mind would EVER do that?

Of course, I was thinking…maybe the attacks on Ben Carson mean we truly have become a post-racial, color-blind society.

But then I look at what’s happening at Mizzou and other college campuses and I realize that’s a completely foolish notion.

[Note: This article was written with much head-shaking by Michele Hickford]


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