Oh boy: Hillary just tweeted her definition of “pro-family” and it’s NUTS

Just when you think Queen Hillary can’t do anything to appear even more out of touch with logic or reality, she does. In fact, her definition of “pro-family” may be certifiably nuts.

While GOP candidates were on stage last night discussing economic policies to help American families, the Queen took to Twitter and declared what’s “really pro-family” in her book:

Hat tip to Twitchy:

You read that correctly. An organization that kills babies and sells their parts is now a pro-family policy! Yeah, because nothing says “family” like abortion! (Though, to be fair, perhaps Planned Parenthood is included in this line-up to help pay for the other benefits Clinton promises — fiscally sound plan to use the sale of baby parts to fund these family programs.) And to take a stroll through the incredulous responses to Clinton’s mind-blowlingly illogical and twisted tweet, it seems the majority missed her attempt at pandering with perks — and instead focused on the insanity of including Planned Parenthood as “pro-family.”

Even those who appeared to be sympathetic to the rest of the list scratched their heads over Planned Parenthood’s inclusion on the list.

Others kindly offered their concern for the Queen’s well-being:

The truly sad thing is Hillary’s twisted definition of pro-family seems unlikely to slow down this woman’s chances of becoming the Democrat nominee. But this should:

  [Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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