Quit crying about the minimum wage and THANK A VETERAN today…

Burger Flippers Meme

[Hat tip to Louder with Crowder and The Federalist Papers Project]

Taking a quick glance across our nation this week, we see numbskulls out protesting everything from “unsafe” environments to “unfair” wages — all perpetrated on them by the shameful United States of America.

We witness students at the University of Missouri complaining about First Amendment rights creating an “unsafe” environment — even as they exercise their own free speech and thereby create a chilling environment for others.

Meanwhile, we see activists across the country demanding the minimum wage be increased to $15 an hour. Forget the free market — or the unintended negative consequences of raising the minimum wage, which was well-highlighted in last night’s GOP debate.

A common thread running through both of these movements is a sense of entitlement and having been infringed upon or held back by the liberties we uniquely enjoy in this nation. So on this Veterans Day, the meme comparing the protesters to our men and women in uniform seems especially appropro. Attention protesters: have you stopped to thank your armed forces today for your right to be express yourself as numbskulls?

Let’s salute our veterans on this Veterans Day!

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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