Obama nixes Keystone XL; immediately this DISASTER occurs

Last week President Obama ruled that the Keystone XL Pipeline, after seven years, is not viable, does not create jobs, is not vital for our energy and national security, and is too dangerous for our environment — since we are the global leader on climate change.

Hmm, I recall the State Department studies saying much to the contrary. Furthermore, don’t we have all kinds of pipelines in the United States? Well, it seems since we have the new lefty running things up north, Monsieur Trudeau, maybe Obama feels he has somewhat of a kindred spirit. But just know, if the tar sands don’t flow through a system southward, they’ll probably go westward and benefit China.

However, how are we supposed to transit crude oil through the United States if the pipeline proposal is sooooo bad? Yep, choo-choo trains, but there’s one problem it seems Obama and the liberal progressives just don’t want to discuss.

As reported by Fox News, “A Canadian Pacific Railway train carrying crude oil derailed Sunday and prompted some evacuations in Wisconsin, the second day in a row a freight train derailed in the state.

“CP takes this incident extremely seriously,” the railroad said in a news release. The company did not say how much oil spilled. Federal investigators and hazardous material specialists are on their way to the scene, the Federal Railroad Administration said in a tweet.

Residents of about 35 homes were asked to evacuate around 4 p.m., said Donna Haugom, director of the Jefferson County Office of Emergency Management. On Saturday, a freight train derailed near Alma in western Wisconsin, spilling thousands of gallons of ethanol. BNSF Railway said crews continued Sunday to transfer ethanol from the derailed cars and get the cars back on the tracks. BNSF said railroad crews stopped the leaks from five tanker cars and placed containment booms along the shoreline. One tanker released an estimated 18,000 gallons of ethanol, and the other four released an estimated 5 to 500 gallons each.”

Do any of you hear the screams and complaints from the environmental progressive left? Nope, neither do I. Just crickets. You see, it’s very simple – just follow the money because it is Obama’s BFF, Warren Buffett, who has lots to profit from because of his control of railroad systems. So why would Obama approve something that’d put a dent in his buddy’s back pocket?

You know, there’s nothing like good ol’ liberal left crony energy capitalism — any of y’all remember Solyndra? Now, let’s play a little game. What if it was a Republican president who was cozy with a big business rich one-percenter railroad kinda fella?

I can bet you the liberal left would be all over supporting the Keystone XL pipeline. After all, the mantra would be good high paying jobs for Americans — meaning unions. But when it’s something that bodes well for a big money supporter to Obama and the left, somehow they are wistfully silent. And if a Republican president was in cahoots with a solar panel company that somehow received big bank of taxpayer dollars and went bankrupt — well, you get my point.

This is yet another example of the liberal left hypocrisy and these days, if there’s one thing that’s transparent it’s just that. The Keystone XL pipeline would have been a very safe means by which the oil could have been transported.

Now, the response from my cheeky and charming progressive friends will be, “this is just an indicator that we need more government investments in infrastructure.” Ok, then what happened with the almost one trillion taxpayer dollars for “shovel ready” infrastructure repair jobs? You’d think the media would do its job and bring all this up — nah, they are too busy wondering if Ben Carson was a member of the “He Man Women haters Club.” For those of you who don’t know, that was from the cute black and white comedy show “Our Gang,” but you have to explain that to liberal progressives because they actually think it’s for real and part of the war on women.

But I digress.

Two train derailments over the weekend and energy products spilled – but it’s not a big deal because it goes against the left’s narrative. And if there was a Keystone XL pipeline, I wouldn’t put it past the environmental terrorists of the left to attack it themselves. Remember the rampage they went on in California in 2003 torching SUVs? They wanted to make a point — I think you call that eco-terrorism.

I give it to my brothers and sisters on the left; they’ve never met a hypocrisy they didn’t embrace.

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