Ha! Ben Carson hits back at media attacks in HILARIOUS way

Though Ben Carson has been the target of seemingly non-stop, 360-degree attacks from the media during the past week, he continues to display calm and resilience under pressure. Now, add to that, a sense of humor.

Via The Hill:

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is mocking the media’s scrutiny of his past by posting fake breaking news headlines on his Facebook page.

“During his residency, Ben offended a cupcake by calling it a muffin,” reads a fake Politico headline posted on Carson’s timeline.

Ben Carson Politico Ad

Politico recently published a story questioning Carson’s claims about being offered a scholarship to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Politico initially said that Carson’s camp admitted he had fabricated that claim, but it later dropped that report and specified that Carson never claimed to have applied to West Point.

The retired neurosurgeon has slammed the media over the past week for the increased scrutiny he has faced about his past, saying he has been treated more harshly than President Obama was as a candidate.

Carson also poked fun at the Huffington Post and CNN.  

Ben Carson HuffPo ad

(To be fair, liberals might actually consider throwing a glass bottle into the wrong recycling receptacle worthy of recrimination.)

Ben Carson CNN ad

Even if Ben Carson’s not YOUR pick for the GOP nominee, I think we all can appreciate a good, smart mocking of the liberal media’s blatant bias.

Well-played, Carson campaign!

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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