SHOCK: Hillary Clinton just got some very BAD news from this very BLUE state

In light of continuous protection by her own party and nonstop propping up by the lamestream media, you’d think Democrat presidential hopeful would be running away with the election. But though she continues to lead in Democrat primary polls, when she’s put head-to-head against GOP candidates, her fate is clearly not sealed.

Today we learn that even in a dyed-in-the-blue state of Minnesota, Hillary has her work cut out for her. As Minnesotan, I’ll be honest, my jaw hit the floor when I saw this.

As Breitbart reports:

KSTP/Survey USA poll released Monday shows that, in the Blue State of Minnesota, five of the major Republican presidential candidates are currently beating all but certain Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. It should not even be close in Minnesota. In 2008, President Obama beat Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) 54% to 44%. In 2012, Obama beat Mitt Romney by +8 points.

And pulling out ancient history here, anyone remember the only state (plus District of Columbia) to go blue in Reagan’s landslide victory of 1984? (Yes, Minnesota son Walter Mondale was Reagan’s opponent, but we know that doesn’t guarantee anything.)

If the election were held today, Clinton would lose to…

Trump: 42% to 45%.

Carson: 41% to 50%

Rubio: 41% to 47%

Fiorina: 41% to 45%

Bush: 43% to 44%

Only Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) would lose to Clinton, by 46% to 41%.

In the Minnesota Republican primary, Trump leads the pack by +7 points. The billionaire businessman earns 26% support. Carson is second with 19%. Rubio sits at 16%. Everyone else is in single digits.

Weighing Clinton down is Obama’s abysmal job approval rating, which is upside-down -19 points: 37% approve, 56% disapprove.

The poll doesn’t appear to be skewed in favor of Republicans. Democrat Senator Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) enjoys a healthy job approval rate of 55%, compared to just 37% who disapprove.

A Minnesota poll taken in July showed Clinton beating Trump by only 5 points, Rubio by only 2,  Carson by 5, Fiorina by 11, Bush by only 2, and Cruz by 5.

If you’re wondering why the racially-motivated DC Media is using innuendo and outright lies to attack Ben Carson’s character, his +9 victor over Clinton in Minnesota should answer that.

Wow. Even with the shameless bolstering provided by her minions at the Democrat National Committee and the State Clinton Media, Clinton is losing nearly across the board to the GOP in Minnesota, of all places. GASP!

The poll reminds us that even if Hillary gets off scot-free, as some fear, for her likely criminal deeds, she still may well LOSE at the polls in November 2016.

While the poll is very bad news for Hillary Clinton, it’s very hopeful news for the GOP. And the republic in general.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor, who hails from the People’s Republic of Minnesota]


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