Our WORST fears about the European migrant crisis were just confirmed

We’ve written frequently here about the dangers inherent in the current mass wave of migrants from Syria to Europe — especially considering the Islamic strategy of al-hijra, or the Islamic doctrine of immigration. It’s the much quieter companion strategy to violent jihad for creating Islamic supremacy in the world. Al-hijra may take a bit longer, but under the guise of “humanitarianism” is very effective.

As the world watches migrants from war-torn Syria flood Europe, the apparent prevalence of young men overtaking the continent has only amplified the question — and real fear — about whether we’re watching al-hijra take place before our very eyes.

And, now, the news that an al-Qaeda terror boss has been found among the migrants, posing as an asylum seeker, adds what may be the most stark credence yet to these fears. And — get this — authorities tried to keep this chilling discovery hidden to avoid “panic” and “scare tactics.” Comforting, eh?

Via Breitbart:

A convicted terrorist has been caught trying to smuggle himself into Europe by posing as an asylum seeker, in a stark event proving correct those who warned of terrorists taking advantage of the European Union’s lax border controls.

Ben Nasr Mehdi, a Tunisian who was first arrested in Italy in 2007 and sentenced to seven years imprisonment for plotting terror attacks with an Islamic State-linked group, was caught trying to re-enter the country last month.

Authorities discovered him among 200 migrants who were rescued at sea and taken to the island of Lampedusa. Although he gave a false name, migration officers identified him through finger print records, the Independent reports.

German channel n-tv claims the Italian government initially tried to hide the story to avoid “panic” and “scare tactics”. The news did not emerge until several days after Mehdi had been detained last week.

Mehdi was then interrogated for several days before being deported back to Tunisia, where he was handed over to local police.

The Italian ministry has admitted that Ben Nasr Mehdi is exceptionally dangerous:

When police arrested him in 2007, they found explosive detonators, poisons and guerrilla warfare manuals. Prosecutors said he had been part of a group that was setting up militant cells that had recruited potential suicide bombers.

Authorities intercepted phone calls in which he indicated he had supplied instructions and contacts to terrorists in Damascus, thus marking him out as a senior operative.

The revelation will likely add to fears that Islamist terrorists are using the migrant crisis as a means to enter Europe.

Fears about terrorists using immigration as a means to infiltrate Europe are not some fear-mongering, right-wing conspiracy theory. ISIS has declared outright its intent to flood the continent with Islamic extremists.

And the fact that the Italian government initially tried to hide this worrisome discovery of an al-Qaeda boss among the immigrants — to avoid “panic” and “scare tactics” — makes one wonder how many more incidents like this have there been that we just don’t know about?

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration plans to increase the number of migrants we accept here in the United States, and President Obama attempts to shame those who express concern over it.

Why do we refuse to believe what radical jihadists are telling us both in words and deeds? Just like I have no reason to doubt Iran’s seriousness in continued “Death to America” chants, I’m inclined to take seriously Islamic extremist threats — promises — to use immigration to infiltrate. What’s it going to take for the world to wake up?

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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