Notice what was missing after triple shooting in New York this morning?

This week began with a violent start in New York City when three men were shot – one fatally — near Penn Station. The suspect is still at large, but the victims were identified as 43-year-old Angel Quinones, who was killed, William Lamboy, 45, who was in critical condition at Bellevue Hospital after being shot in the neck and abdomen and Eddie Torres, 48, who was shot in the leg and expected to survive.

The New York Daily News says “All were familiar to police. Combined, they have 89 arrests, mainly from drug offenses in the area, plus in Brooklyn and the Bronx, a police source said.

They were also regulars at the West Midtown Medical Group methadone clinic, which is just a couple blocks from the crime scene, neighborhood residents said.

A witness, Joe, Sarcone said he recognized the gunman as a drug dealer whose turf includes what the locals call the “zombie McDonald’s” on Eighth Ave. south of the 35th St. that figured in the deadly shooting — and another McDonald’s in Union Square.

Police said they believe drugs figured into the triple-shooting.

“Right now we believe the motive is possibly narcotics,” Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said. “That’s an active narcotics location that we’ve made 52 arrests so far this year in front of and inside that McDonald’s.”

Have you heard a peep from Mayor Bill De Blasio about gun control? Did the president make any sort of comment about this senseless violence? No comment from Al Sharpton?

Of course not! These lives don’t matter. They serve no agenda. They’re just middle-aged drug users – or former drug users. Who cares about them?

Move along, nothing to see here. Can’t blame it on any police officers. Can’t turn it into a racial story. Just turn and look the other way.

Just like little nine-year-old Tyshawn Lee who was shot and killed in Chicago because of his father’s gang ties. His father won’t even help track down his son’s killer.

But there’s no outcry. No concern for why the inner city situation got so bad that this sort of thing is acceptable. No discussion of economic or social policies that may contribute to the breakdown of our civil society.

No, the national discourse is about bathroom privileges for transgender teens. I for one think that’s pretty darn messed up, and I hope I’m not alone.

Michele Hickford]


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