WHOA: Look at the complete-the-sentence exercise a 7th grader was given

Today we received this email from a mother regarding the political indoctrination her daughter is receiving in middle school:

I am attaching a page from my 7th grade daughter’s homework last night. I was so upset at what I saw, I was in tears. This page was from her 7th grade vocabulary workbook, that is of course Common Core. This type of political indoctrination has no business being in any text that is being used by our students. My daughter attends a private Catholic school in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Archdiocese has elected to use the Common Core curriculum, which contains this type of propaganda that is not something I want for my child. While I love my daughter’s school, and feel the teachers and admin there love and care for each and every student, and do their best to teach our children what is right and just, we are doing them a disservice and should not be providing them with flawed tools such as this that contain political propaganda. Not to even mention what is being taught in our public schools that is anti-Christian.

Here’s the page she sent me. Scroll down to number 10:


Pretty outrageous, eh? This is just another example of why home schooling is growing in popularity in this nation. You’d think a private Catholic school might be a safe bastion from the liberal progressive agenda, but clearly it’s not.

Parents, please keep a vigilant eye on what your children are being force fed, and feel free to keep sending these examples to us at [email protected]

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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