REVEALED: Manifesto of UC stabbing suspect found…Confirms what we ALL thought

Like many other mass attackers before him, Faisal Mohammad left his own manifesto behind, providing clues to why he did it. California police say Mohammad’s manifesto was recovered Thursday by the coroner performing an autopsy on the deceased suspect.

While most reports are focusing on Mohammad’s anger at having been kicked out of a study group, what’s being downplayed by many — including the police — is the fact that the Muslim stabbing suspect praised Allah in his two-page manifesto.

Via The Blaze:

The man who went on a stabbing rampage Wednesday at the University of California, Merced, praised Allah in a two-page manifesto recovered from his body, the Merced County Sheriff said Thursday.

Sheriff Verne Warnke said the document was recovered from his pocket by the coroner as an autopsy was being performed on the body of Faisal Mohammad. The 18-year-old student stabbed four on the university campus before authorities shot and killed him, police said.

Warnke said the document indicated Mohammad was upset after being kicked out of a study group. His manifesto included a “detailed list” of targets and plans to tie students to desks in an effort to lure police into the room. From there, the computer science and engineering student wanted to take the officer’s gun and shoot people.

The manifesto indicated Mohammad “intended to kill a lot of people,” authorities said, according to the Merced Sun-Star. Investigators had said night vision goggles, duct tape and zip tie had been found in his backpack.

The document also included several references to Allah, the sheriff said. Warnke, however, stressed that there was “still nothing to indicate” Mohammad’s Muslim religion had anything to do with his motive. He compared the references made to Allah to a Christian making references to Jesus before carrying out a life-changing decision.

University officials have also said that there is no evidence to believe it was “in any way related to terrorism.” Instead, officials continue to stress all signs point to a disgruntled student taking extreme revenge on those he felt betrayed by.

OK, I get not rushing to conclusions — though everyone seems perfectly happy to do so any time a white man commits a similar act, immediately assuming he’s some white supremacist, anti-government, religious whack job. But here we go again, bending over backward to minimize the possible influence of this attacker’s Muslim religion.

This when he chose as his weapon a knife — the good ol’ fashioned weapon of choice for jihadists, apparently (when they’re not deploying suicide bombs). I kinda don’t think it was because he was respecting the school’s gun-free zone.

This when none other than ISIS tweeted high praise for the young man who’d intended to kill people, even as he apparently smiled through it.

And this as we now learn Mohammad praised Allah in his manifesto — his final words about his intent to kill. And authorities have the audacity to minimize it by equating it to a Christian praising Jesus Christ in a similar situation? Oh sure, that clears it all up, since we see so many examples of killers or would-be killers praising Jesus right before they go an a killing spree. Seriously???

Interesting that Mohamad’s manifesto has not been released for us to see for ourselves, unlike Dylan Roof’s, for example. Hmm.

Nope, still nothing at all to indicate Mohammad’s Muslim religion had anything to do with his motive — or that this could in any way be related to terrorism. Why are our leaders and authorities, whose primary purpose is to protect us from others (not ourselves, as the left seems to think) so hellbent on denying the real threat of jihadism on our own shores? And, in doing so, offering us up as easy targets for further such violence?

Meanwhile, not a peep from the left about knife control after this incident. For some reason, in this case, they’re acknowledging it’s the person committing the act who’s responsible — not the inanimate object they may choose as a weapon (e.g., a knife OR gun) — for a heinous attack like this.

My head hurts.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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