Obama prepares his next executive action: breaking his OWN law

We are now less than one year from the 2016 presidential election and clearly Barack Obama knows he’s in his final year. And regardless of the biggest GOP House and Senate majority post-World War II, he is dead set on fulfilling his campaign promises and sticking to his guns when it comes to his ideology (the only guns he thinks need no control). Seems his next major insidious foreign policy/national security venture will be to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.

As reported by the Washington Times, “The White House Wednesday didn’t rule out an executive order by President Obama to close the terrorist detention facility at Guantanamo Bay. Asked if Mr. Obama would consider such an order, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said it’s a possibility.

“At this point I would not take anything off the table,” Mr. Earnest said. “This is a pretty transparent case of the United States Congress putting narrow political interests ahead of national security. That’s been a source of some disappointment for seven years now.” Mr. Obama vetoed the most recent national defense authorization bill last month, in part because lawmakers again included a prohibition against closing Gitmo.”

Obama national security advisor Susan Rice — you remember her, the spontaneous –reaction-to-a-video-Bowe Bergdahl-served-with-honor-and -distinction lady — stated the administration would DIE trying to shut down GITMO — how honorable. What President Obama doesn’t seem to understand is that HE signed into law in a previous National Defense Authorization Act that he cannot unilaterally close down the multimillion-dollar facility without Congressional approval.

So in essence, Obama wants to violate a law that Obama signed into law, and he says he’s a constitutional scholar? And speaking of the Constitution, well, it clearly states in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11, that only Congress has the right “To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water.” In other words, neither Barack Obama –nor any president — has the enumerated power to deal in matters concerning prisoners of war or detainees who are non-state, non-uniformed belligerents.

And that leads to the next point: those who have been “captured” on the battlefield who are not members of a declared state or army, nor openly declaring they are carrying weapons have no specified rights. This is not a police action where these individuals must receive trial. They need be removed from the battlefield. Do Obama, Josh Earnest, or Susan Rice believe we shouldn’t capture anymore of these Islamic jihadists on the battlefield anymore?

Just because Obama unilaterally stated we have ended combat operations, does that mean the enemy has been vanquished from the battlefield? If there are American citizens — naturalized or native born — who conduct domestic terror actions against America on American soil, then they should be tried in our court system. However, any foreigner who conducts jihadist or terrorist activities against the United States, especially in a foreign land, must be removed from the battlefield and held as long as the enemy continues to prosecute hostile combat actions against the United States.

The narrative about GITMO being a recruiting tool for Islamic terrorists is simply false and inane — there was no GITMO when we fought the Barbary States. There was not GITMO when Hezbollah killed 234 Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers in Beirut. There was no GITMO when the USS Cole was attacked, Khobar towers were blown up, or the U.S .embassies in Africa were attacked. These cowards looking for an excuse to release the enemy need to stop lying to us and just say it out loud: they are sympathetic to Islamic terrorists.

President Obama has absolutely NO authority by way of the Constitution or by the law signed by his own hand to shut down GITMO. If he does, then there is only one explanation: he is a tyrant hell bent on doing what he wants and considers himself above the law. But worse, he considers the safety and security of the American people meaningless when it comes to his ideological agenda. I’ve been to GITMO and I can tell you, no one is suffering down there. Heck, they have almost as many cable TV channels as I do in my home. They are certainly getting more food.

In the history of warfare, those captured on the battlefield not in uniform were summarily executed. As a matter of precedent, during World War II when German saboteurs were captured in New York, they were indeed executed — why? They weren’t in uniform — of course the response I will get is that President Obama has stated we’re not at war.

Hmm, tell that to the troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan who are getting shot at. Tell that to the family of MSG Joshua Wheeler.

President Obama, if you choose to close down the Guantanamo Bay detention facility by executive order, it is not debatable: you have betrayed your oath of office. And anyone defending Obama in this instance, you’ll find out what the American people feel about y’all next November.

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