Obama’s America: Man jailed, fined $603K for THIS while thousands of convicts released

On Monday, President Obama in an NBC interview praised himself for his work on racial justice and combatting discrimination. Seems he does that a lot but doesn’t take responsibility. I’ve always pondered what exactly is this thing called “social justice.” It appears to me the liberal progressive left uses this as a blanket moniker to advance their ideological aspect of social egalitarianism. It just becomes a poll-tested message enabling agenda items such as redistribution of wealth, a perverted concept of fairness and manmade guarantee of happiness by way of granting “rights.”

And so it is we’re witnessing what the left terms social justice. But is there an underlying hypocrisy — as always is the case with progressive socialist dogma?

As reported by our friend Tom Fitton and his crew at Judicial Watch:

These are embarrassing times for the nation’s criminal justice system; as the Obama administration executes the nation’s largest mass release of federal prisoners, it’s sending a Long Island fisherman to jail for reeling in too many. 

It’s part of the administration’s criminal justice reform movement to reduce jail time as a way of ending racial discrimination and enforce the overreaching federal regulations of a bloated government. Back in 2010 President Obama signed a measure that for the first time in decades relaxed drug-crime sentences he claimed discriminated against poor and minority offenders. This severely weakened a decades-old law enacted during the infamous crack cocaine epidemic that ravaged urban communities nationwide in the 1980s. 

As part of the movement the U.S. Sentencing Commission lowered maximum sentences for drug offenders and made it retroactive. Last week the administration started releasing the first wave of 6,000 drug convicts who will get out of jail early. In all, about 50,000 prisoners are eligible for early release and federal authorities claim they’re all “non-violent” offenders whose sentences were too long in the first place. Federal prosecutors have 

warned that drug trafficking is inherently violent and therefore the phrase “non-violent drug offenders” is a misnomer. The nation’s prosecutors also caution that reducing prison sentences for drug offenders will weaken their ability to bring dangerous drug traffickers to justice. 

The new more lenient penalty stops the justice system from unfairly targeting minorities and the poor, according to Obama’s first Attorney General, Eric Holder, a driving force behind the change. While drug offenders get off easy in the name of racial justice, the administration has increased punishment for violating federal regulations involving less serious acts such as reeling in too many fish. The feds actually went after a commercial fisherman named Anthony Joseph of Levittown NY for “Fisheries Fraud” because he caught too many fluke. Then, he lied about it to the government — “systematically underreporting fluke” –and that got him in a boatload of trouble. 

Last week the New York fisherman got sentenced to seven months in prison, a $603,000 fine and three years of supervised release following incarceration, according to a Department of Justice (DOJ) announcement.

Is this what Obama and the left define as “social justice”? It seems the Obama administration embraces drug offenders; perhaps it has something to do with the president’s own admitted drug use. And maybe daddy or step daddy never took him fishing and that explains his relative harshness with fishermen.

Now, of course Judicial Watch selected the case of Mr. Joseph, but how many other cases are out there where the Obama administration and its dark specter of the regulatory bureaucratic state are crushing the little guy and gal? Is it social justice to attack, by way of government fines, bakers and florists whose Christian faith doesn’t embrace same-sex marriage? Or how about jailing someone over her religious beliefs on the same subject?

Let’s have a lesson in civics here: five supreme court justices do not make law in this constitutional republic, folks. So they can’t go around ordering states to obey their “mandates” — unless, of course, that’s part of acceptable social justice.

I’m quite sure the liberal lefties who “fish” on this website will assert there’s no comparison, nothing here to pay attention to. Well, sure there is. The DOJ statement reads as if they’re so proud of themselves for going after Mr. Joseph — at a time when drug offenders are being released.

I’ve never partaken of drugs, never had a drink in my life; hardest thing for me is mixing cranberry juice with ginger ale. I tend to believe selling a known addictive substance that causes adverse conditions for a human is criminal. Catching too many fish, well, smack the guy on the hand, issue a warning and go about your business…kinda like the whole onesy cigarette thing in NYC.

We once wrote a piece here about who are the ones determining what words mean, who sits in the room and makes these decisions. I’m concerned that this whole aspect of “social” and “racial” justice is just another liberal left socialist ploy. If you want real social and racial justice, then support school choice for parents; nothing’s more empowering and justified than ensuring a child gets a quality education. We wrote a story about the Brooklyn charter school march last month where the theme was “End Education Inequality.”

Sadly, the teachers unions, the mainstay allies of the progressive left, don’t consider education equality as part of social and racial justice. So we release the drug offenders who will go back into these same neighborhoods and prey upon our children. Hey, President Obama, I have an idea: these recently released drug offenders? Take them fishing.


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