CHILLING new details suggest Russian crash killing 224 was NO ACCIDENT

Many of us awoke this morning to the tragic news that a Russian passenger plane carrying 224 passengers, including 17 children, plunged into a fiery crash in Egypt. Traveling from the popular Egyptian holiday resort of Sharm El-Sheikh to the Russian city of St Petersburg, many of the dead are believed to be holiday makers headed home.

While initial reports suggested the crash was caused by technical issues, new information suggests it may be the work of ISIS.

Via UK Express:

ISLAMIC State militants have claimed responsibility for the downing of a Russian passenger plane which crashed in Egypt killing 224 people, according to a terrorist monitoring group.

Terror Monitor, an online terrorist monitoring organisation, claims to have a statement from Islamic State militants claiming responsibility for the attack.

The group, which watches terrorist groups around the world, tweeted an image of the Arabic statement and wrote: “#IslamicState (#ISIS) terror group claims downing of Russian aircraft in #Sinai.”

The unverified statement, written in Arabic, says the flight crash was NOT a technical fault, as reported by security sources.

The translated statement read: “The fighters of the Islamic State were able to down a Russian plane over Sinai province that was carrying over 220 Russian crusaders.

“They were all killed, thanks be to God.”

News agency AFP has also reported ISIS has claimed responsiblity for the downing of the Russian plane.

According to the agency the statement on social media read: “The soldiers of the caliphate succeeded in bringing down a Russian plane in Sinai.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on her Facebook page that Russian Embassy personnel in Egypt are working to clarify the situation.

The Russian airliner was reported to have plunged vertically to the ground and then burst into flames, which certainly suggests something went very suddenly wrong. And while Russian officials are cautioning that ISIS’s claims “can’t be considered accurate” yet — as they’re still working on clarification — many of us can’t help but wonder if indeed this is some of the retaliation ISIS promised in response to Russia’s airstrikes against them in Syria.

If indeed ISIS claims are true that it was behind the downing of this Russian passenger jet, it’s yet another signal of the situation in the region continuing to escalate out of control, with consequences extending far beyond those fighting on the ground in Syria. And meanwhile, President Obama’s response is sending 50 Special Forces Operations to “help” in Syria? And our lame stream media is using words like “intensify” to describe Obama’s latest addition to operations there. What. A. Sorry. Joke. Not to diminish in any way the talent of our U.S. Special Forces, but does anyone really think 50 troops “just helping” are going to make a dent now in what seems to be escalating by the day? Col. Allen West, of course, has a few choice things to say about this, which we’ll share with you next.

Meanwhile, Russia has declared tomorrow a day of mourning, and we pray for the innocent souls lost and their families.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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