BRILLIANT: Even liberals will see how SCARY Bernie is when they see this video

Yes, it’s Halloween, a time when many people actually SEEK chills and frights. So what could be more appropriate than the thought of Bernie Sanders as President of the United States? Yeah, THAT is truly scary!

And Hope n’ Change Cartoons has just the video. Watch below — but if you have dogs, you might want to turn down the volume just a tad!

There you have it. No need for complex explanations about the perils of socialism that many liberals may not have the attention span to endure. In less than 20 seconds, even the most soft-headed of your liberal friends now can understand how truly frightening Bernie Sanders should be to every single American.

Yep, even a five-year-old will understand just how scary Bernie is after watching this video. Brilliant.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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