St. Louis offers great opportunity for students….no whites allowed

Yes, I guess all those liberal folks are correct. Even though we have a mixed-race president, a black attorney general, a black director of homeland security, a black senior advisor to the president, black and Hispanic supreme court justices, a new black secretary of education, one black and two Hispanic candidates for president (on the GOP side), clearly our nation is racist and has not embraced diversity.

And here’s the latest GLARING example.

Today a reader of this website sent a snapshot of an ad for a program sponsored by Francis Howell School District in St. Charles, Missouri. The Diversity Awareness Partnership (DAP) is offering free “externships” for high school students in grades 10 to 12 to explore various careers in accounting, bioscience, financial services, law and healthcare. Sounds like a great program. There’s just one problem.

Whites are not allowed.

In order to apply for this opportunity, students must be a “student of color” –Alaska Native, African American, Asian, Multi-racial (so presumably it’s ok if you have a little white in you), Latino, Middle-Eastern (would it count if you’re from Israel? Doubt it), Native American or Pacific Islander.


How’s that for diversity and inclusion? We include everyone BUT YOU.

I find it hilarious that on DAP’s website is information about their annual “Diversity Dinner” with this year’s theme of “A Table of Inclusion.” The promo says “Join us in celebrating the beauty of our differences while highlighting the diversity and inclusion efforts of the St. Louis region!” I wonder if whites are excluded from the “table of inclusion” or if they’re welcome at all?

I guess so, because the honored speaker at this year’s annual event is a white guy, Richard J. Liekweg, Executive Vice President of BJC HealthCare. So even the Diversity Dinner couldn’t find someone to represent “diversity” as the keynote speaker?

Whatever. Liberal logic is an oxymoron anyway.

[This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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