Liberal media goes nuts over poll showing Trump losing, but there’s another poll…

You’ve probably seen splashed all over the headlines today the CBS/New York Times poll showing Ben Carson edging out Donald Trump for the first time nationally.

Twenty-six percent of Republican primary voters back Carson, giving him a four-point edge over Trump (22 percent). Support for Carson has quadrupled since August.
GOP establishment pundits and liberals alike are rejoicing that the brash outsider seems to be finally losing his luster.


There’s ANOTHER poll out today from YouGov shows Donald Trump with a very commanding lead. It also shows Trump and Carson are effectively tied when first and second choice preferences are combined. 43% of Republicans choose Trump first or second; 42% say Carson is their first or second choice.


So which one do you believe? YouGov is a more unscientific poll, relying on “self-selected” participants to vote.

Given the results of both polls, it’s pretty obvious Trump and Carson are the front runners.

CBS also says, “The rest of the Republican presidential candidates lag far behind in single digits. Marco Rubio is now in third place (eight percent), followed by Jeb Bush (seven percent) and Carly Fiorina (seven percent). All other candidates are at four percent or lower.”

So the other obvious thing is, if your name is Christie, Huckabee, Graham Jindal, Santorum or Pataki, you might be safely be able to plan that long summer vacation with family next year, because chances are you won’t be on the campaign trail.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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