You will NOT believe Caitlyn Jenner’s latest award

Here’s a message to women who’ve worked tirelessly for years, perhaps as researchers trying to end breast cancer, or to the Little Sisters of the Poor, having forsaken all earthly possessions to minister to the ill and dying, or to those West Point graduates or one of the first women ever to graduate from Ranger school — you can forget any recognition by one of America’s leading women’s magazines. Because none of THAT really qualifies you to be honored. Nope those aren’t even achievements.

What gets you the crown? Growing up yang and deciding you’re yin after all.

According to Gossip Cop, it seems the decathlete formerly known as Bruce is due to receive Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year award for 2015 (along with Reese Witherspoon who is still, as of this writing, identifying as a woman – we think)

“Caitlyn Jenner and Reese Witherspoon have been tapped to be the 2015 Glamour magazine “Women Of The Year,” a source exclusively tells Gossip Cop. The two women will be featured on covers of the December issue. This year’s “Women Of The Year” marks the 25th anniversary of Glamour bestowing the honor.”

Yes folks, Glamour Magazine has for all intents and purposes, decided to bestow the honor of “Woman of the Year” on a man. I’m apparently not the only one confused and disappointed by this. Nicole Russell, a real woman writer for The Federalist put it this way:

“To prove either that they have reached the pinnacle of patriarchal leftism, or that they are making the biggest joke in the history of mankind (on us), Glamour magazine has named Caitlin nee Bruce Jenner “Woman of the Year.”

This is not only absurd, but patriarchal posturing at its finest; not to mention an insult to real women everywhere.

“What about Dafne Almazan? Just barely a woman, at 13, she has become the world’s youngest psychologist and according to Forbes is one of Mexico’s 50 most powerful women. This year on her birthday, Malala Yousafzai, winner of last year’s Nobel Peace Prize (the youngest winner ever), opened a school for Syrian refugees in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, near the Syrian border. Yousafzai was targeted and nearly killed by the Taliban for advocating for women’s education. She, too, is a worthy role model.

If Glamour’s staying stateside, why not consider Elizabeth Holmes, the college dropout who developed technology that can retrieve blood samples easier, cheaper, and with only a few pricks to the finger. Heck, even Taylor Swift would have made a better woman of the year, if only because of her philanthropy.”

Well said Ms. Russell, well said. And while I don’t judge Bruce Jenner for living what must have been (and continues to be) a very difficult life, I also don’t believe his actions should be elevated and celebrated as “achievements.” Heck, give an award to his team of surgeons and make-up artists, but don’t overlook the accomplishments of natural women who were truly “born that way.”

[Note: This article was written by Ashley Edwardson]


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