University calls “politically correct” a micro aggression; then tweets THIS to Mike Huckabee

Oh, you really do have to love liberals for the continuous, almost 24/7 hypocritical entertainment they provide. Earlier today, we shared Col. West’s encounter with liberal talk show host Tom Joyner’s fancy-shmancy fuel-guzzling private jet – just the sort of extravagance liberals decry in corporations, but love to use themselves.

And in yet another example of blazing hypocrisy, we bring you Warren Scherer who is leading the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee’s effort in “ethnic cleansing” (my term) of the English language.

As background, the University program from its “Inclusive Excellence Center” wants to raise awareness of (in other words, ban) words and phrases, which it deems “microagressions.”

We used to call this “politically correct’” but…wait for it…the University says now the term politically correct is ALSO a microagression, right along side lame, thug, third world and trash.

Which is why it’s so very amusing that Warren Scherer, the highly articulate gentleman leading the university’s program, saw nothing either micro or macro aggressive about hurling a well-worn four-letter epithet at Governor Mike Huckabee via the very public Twitter:


While Scherer’s program claims the word thug is a microagression because “it assumes violence is the sole motivating factor in an action, and ignores issues of poverty, education and other institutional barriers” (HUH?), we can assume “F**ck every fiber of your being” carries with it no assumption of violence or any other prejudice against another’s beliefs.

Yes folks, this is Obama’s America. And we still have fourteen more months of it.

[Note: This article was written non-aggressively by Michele Hickford]

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