Mother of slain Benghazi hero EXPLODES with anger on MSNBC

Even as Hillary Clinton and her minions emerged elated from last week’s Benghazi hearing, the families of four dead Americans continue to mourn — and ask the same questions that remain unanswered more than three years later.

Today, one mother’s emotions boiled over in an interview with MSNBC host — and known Clinton “friendly” — Andrea Mitchell.

Via The Blaze:

Appearing on MSNBC Monday afternoon, the mother of one of the four Americans killed during the 2012 Benghazi attacks let her emotions show when the host attempted to offer her condolences for the loss of her son.

“He was a good guy,” Patricia Smith told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell of her son, Sean Smith. “They sacrificed him as they sacrificed the ambassador and the two guys that that got murdered because nobody sent help. I want to know why, why wasn’t there any help.”

As Smith became emotional and Mitchell attempted to offer condolences and move along with her show, Smith interjected emphatically.

“You can’t understand! You just can’t understand! My only child was murdered and nobody will tell me why,” the mother said. “He was the only thing that was going to help me when I get old. I’m old now. Who am I going to listen to? Who is going to help me now? He’s not around and the government won’t talk to me.”

Watch yourself:

Mitchell, as Mediate notes, has a long journalistic history covering Hillary Clinton from her days as First Lady in the White House. It is not difficult to track down familial reports from the mid-90s demonstrating the close bond shared by Mitchell and Clinton, and their friendly dynamic has been called out by members of the media

And Mitchell’s pro-Clinton bias was apparent here; she even went so far as to offer up Clinton’s “defense” to this grieving mother, along with a select clip apparently designed to support a defense of Clinton.

Smith, however, said she’d watched “every minute” of the hearings and still criticized Clinton for “not answering the questions” asked of her.

Patricia Smith’s raw emotion is a powerful reminder that while much of the media has turned the Benghazi investigation into a political contest to be “won” or “lost,” at the heart of the matter remains four dead Americans and families whose lives are forever changed. The ordeal may be largely “over” for Clinton, but it’s far from over for these families. Clinton’s attitude throughout this process — alternating between callous (“What difference does it make?”) and cavalier (high-fiving and flashing the “Victory” sign) — is simply shameful.

Anyone still supporting Hillary Clinton for president should ask themselves, would they accept this behavior from her if they were in Ms. Smith’s shoes? I highly doubt it.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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