Liberal HYPOCRISY: Look what I just saw at the airport

On Sunday I was invited by my good friend, Rev. CL Bryant. to Shreveport/Bossier City, Louisiana to speak at the “Supporting the Shield” rally in support of our law enforcement officers and first responders.

As you know the weather has been pretty bad out in these parts over the weekend, but Pastor Bryant was able to find someone to fly me over from the Dallas Addison airfield to the Shreveport downtown airfield for the event. There’s no way I was going to miss an opportunity to speak out for our men and women of the “Thin Blue Line” at a time when they are being viciously attacked, targeted and killed. So I headed over to the Addison FBO Sunday morning after my morning run ritual.

The plane meeting me at the Million Air terminal was a smart two-engine propeller aircraft. As I was walking out to the plane, there was a pretty nice big black private jet being towed out. And on the tail I noticed something quite familiar — the red tail P-51 of the 332d Fighter Group, the famed Tuskegee Airmen. And so I was curious to know whose plane is that? The actual tail number was N734TJ — it belonged to national radio host Tom Joyner, a native of Tuskegee. (And just so you know, my first cousin on my dad’s side, Priscilla, is a Tuskegee Institute graduate and my godfather growing up was William “Stickey” Jackson, a Tuskegee Airman). I’ve always kinda admired Mr. Joyner, and he actually had me on his show — once.

If you know him, you’re very aware he’s truly in the tank for Barack Obama – yes, the very same Obama who once spoke out against private jets and their owners as reported in a Washington Times article from February 2013. Man, here was Tom Joyner’s AWESOME private jet, in a hangar at Million Air in Addison Texas. Now ain’t that America for you and me, as the song by John Mellencamp goes?

Tom Joyner represents the American dream, and he is truly representative of the man who started Tuskegee Institute, Booker T. Washington, who advocated for education, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance. Those are certainly classical liberal, constitutional conservative principles — not those of the progressive socialists.

So as I flew over to Shreveport I pondered the laughable hypocrisy of the liberal progressive left. You see, I’d just watched a one-on-one interview between Bill Maher and Senator Bernie Sanders. Maher wants Sanders, an avowed socialist, who wants America more like Denmark where they pay something like 108 percent taxes on a new car — to speak more fondly of socialism and make it more palatable and acceptable to Americans. Now, I presented a five-point principle analysis of socialism; wealth redistribution, nationalizing of production, creation and expansion of the welfare state, social utopianism (egalitarianism), and the secular state.

But when I walked past Tom Joyner’s private jet, I just had to wonder, is this the millionaire that Bernie Sanders wants to take 90 percent from? And why? How about Sanders looking at Bill Maher and telling him he’s going to take away 90 percent of his income. Or maybe Bernie Sanders should go to Hollywood and tell Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks he’s going to take away 90 percent of their income and 90 percent of the gross earnings of their movies.

And this past week Hillary Clinton was at the Iowa Democrat Jefferson-Jackson dinner — hmm, they both owned slaves, but I guess that’s ok with Democrats — where she was talking about “fairness.” Gotta ask ya Hillary, did your vision of “fairness” enable Tom Joyner to have his private jet? Nah, methinks it was his own individual industrialism and entrepreneurial spirit.

You always hear about the Koch Brothers and their impact on the political scene, but why doesn’t the left every talk about George Soros? In Shreveport they’d just had just had their state elections. I met a young candidate who had some $500,000 from Curious George put against him in his race. I’m very well aware of what ol’ Georgie brings to the table, since he tossed in a cool $5 million against me back in 2012. And when was the last time the alphabet soup liberal progressive media said anything about Soros, and to that effect, Warren Buffet?

The bottom line is that the nature of the liberal progressive left is hypocrisy. Obama can come out and rail against private jet owners and Al Gore can bloviate about carbon footprints, but they never look themselves or their supporters in the eye. The left believes in a sort of Soviet-style politburo where they say do as I say, not as I do. It’s the truest example of political elitism.

THEY will determine who and how anyone achieves success in America and if you don’t meet their criteria, well, you’ll be viciously assailed. It’s all part of the tired old Marxist/socialist drivel about class warfare that ends up being the “philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, the gospel of envy,and the equal sharing of misery” to paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill stated. Honestly, who would want to live like that?

More importantly, who would want to advocate a philosophy like that? Bill Maher gets paid big money to do nothing other than run his mouth — ain’t that just grand. But he’s living in a system — a free enterprise system — that pays him to negatively castigate that which enables him to earn such a lucrative lifestyle.

Hey Tom Joyner, how about you and I take a ride on your private jet and discuss the virtues of Booker T. Washington’s principles as opposed to those of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels? Ok, perhaps an ol’ paratrooper like me isn’t classy enough to ride on the plane. Then maybe I can be on your radio show to discuss the topic of Washington, Marx, and Engels, and who best represents the success you’ve achieved in America. After all, from what I understand, you’re based in Dallas — and so am I.

Now how many of you think Tom Joyner will have me on his show to discuss such a critical and vital ideological topic?


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