Can you spot the DISTURBING pattern at church fires in St. Louis?

Over the past two weeks, seven fires have been set at predominately black churches all except one, which was at an historic Catholic church. Police believe the fires are related and may in fact be set by the same person.

Hat tip to Weasel Zippers, who brings out a strange pattern among these fires. Can you spot it?


As Weasel Zippers says, “Except for the first one which took out the door and the fifth one, which spread a bit further, they were all set at the front door, not to cause any real damage, but it seems, set to go out, to be limited. The arsonist always set it in the early morning hours. The police have said the person behind it clearly wants to ‘send a message.’

So the question is who would want to make it appear like black churches were being targeted, while not really wanting to hurt them with real damage? In St. Louis, near Ferguson?

Well, we’ll leave the investigation to the professionals, but we certainly could have a few thoughts as to who would fit that scenario.”

The Zippers also point out that last Easter, the Black Lives Matter movement sent out a press release encouraging followers to “confront the Black Church with the truths they often do not acknowledge” and stating “we have decided to bring our burdens to your front door.”

Hmm. Interesting coincidence? Eventually the facts will emerge, but in any event targeting churches, whether black or white, is frightening trend any way you look at it.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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