Yikes! There’s something TERRIBLY familiar about Hillary’s post-Benghazi pose…

Not sure how much you were able to watch stomach of Hillary’s performance Thursday during the Benghazi hearings, but there was certainly a lot of chatter (at least from our side) regarding her obvious disdain, boredom, tasteless attempts at humor, coughing and smug expressions during her testimony.

But it was her apparently joyous reaction to the end of rather somber event that got people talking – even Morning Joe Scarborough of NBC who tweeted this:

And blogger Caleb Howe couldn’t help but notice something strangely familiar about Hillary’s pose…scroll down:

He got his share of detractors though…

…and then some

But remember folks, she is “not a crook.” And what she testified was “not a crock.”

Hat tip to Twitchy for pointing this out.

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