Outrageous: Proposed law would FORBID the use of these words

Col. West has often written here about how liberal progressives use words as tools to enable their agenda to take root – by changing language.

“Need some examples? Government spending is referred to as investment. We don’t have terrorist attacks, they are man-caused disasters. There are no Islamic terrorists or jihadists — they are just insurgents. We don’t have combat operations and deployments, just overseas contingency operations. I guess drug dealers are unlicensed pharmacists.”

And now progressives in the House are trying to codify how immigrants are referred to in federal laws.

Last week, as The Hill reports, Rep. Joaquín Castro (D-Texas) introduced the “Correcting Hurtful and Alienating Names in Government Expression Act.” Hoo-boy. How’s THAT for progressive politically correct “thought speak?”

“The bill would remove the term “illegal alien” and replace it with “undocumented foreign national” and keep executive branch agencies from using “alien” or “illegal alien” in signage and literature.”

“America is a nation of immigrants, yet our federal government continues to use terms that dehumanize and ostracize those in our society who happen to have been born elsewhere,” Castro said in a release.”

No sir, we’re just trying to use terms accurately, describing the fact that certain individuals have BROKEN OUR LAWS, dammit.

“Regardless of status, immigrants to our nation are first and foremost human beings. Removing the term ‘alien’ from our federal laws shows respect to our shared heritage and to the hundreds of millions of descendants of immigrants who call America home.”

Congress has passed similar legislation before to remove offensive language from federal law, including the 21st Century Language Act, which removed the term “lunatic,” and Rosa’s Law, which removed the term “mentally retarded.”

And as we reported here, even the USDA has bowed to pressure from activists who found the word “midget” offensive even when it was only referring to raisins.

“Words matter, particularly in the context of an issue as contentious as immigration,” Castro said.

Yes, Rep. Castro, words do matter very much – which is precisely why progressives are trying so hard to change our language and remove terms and phrases inconsistent with their agenda.

For me personally, banning the word “alien” is not the issue. The issue is one of criminality. Someone who crosses our border illegally has committed a crime, pure and simple. If you cross the border illegally, you are therefore “illegal” whether you’re an alien, a refugee, a visitor, a migrant or a door-to-door salesman.

We must not bend to this nonsense and allow ourselves to accept these kinds of changes, because they ultimately change the narrative and force us to accept a new “reality” which is false. Illegal equals criminal. If you have a problem being labeled a criminal, how ‘bout you stop breaking the law?

[Note: This article was written with politically-incorrect words by Michele Hickford]


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