Horribly racist: Government spending $1 million to change THIS in young black males

With a black president at the helm of this nation – and another black candidate waiting in the wings – one would hope our nation’s sorry history of racism and stereotypes would be well behind us. Of course that can’t possibly be true, as Al Sharpton. Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder and the entire Black Lives Matter movement will tell you. You’d think our current liberal, uber-politically correct government would be the last place you’d find racial stereotypes being perpetuated. But you’d be wrong.

During times of slavery, the stereotype of the virile, lusty, black sexual athlete engendered fear in white men, and was used as justification for lynching and castration. It appears that stereotype is alive and well in the hallowed halls of the Centers for Disease control where a new $1 million study, targeted at young black men, has been designed to “change gender norms to prevent sexual assault, teaching young men to resist “rigid masculinity,” according to the Washington Free Beacon.

The project seeks to produce “healthy masculinities” in young black males in Pittsburgh, using a curriculum called “Manhood 2.0.” The curriculum involves “identifying examples of policing gender and sexuality” and teaches young men that masculinity is not about physical strength.

“This study will provide urgently needed information about the effectiveness of a gender transformative program that combines healthy sexuality skills, gender norms change, and bystander skills to interrupt peers’ disrespectful and harmful behaviors to reduce SV/ARA [sexual violence and adolescent relationship abuse] perpetration among adolescent males,” the summary stated.

The study is enrolling 900 teenagers in 14 community centers in Pittsburgh into its “Manhood 2.0 curriculum” or a job skills program, to see which program is better at changing attitudes about sexual assault.”

Gosh, I don’t see anything in there about teaching responsibility for your actions, staying in school, pulling your pants up, general morality or respect for your elders. But we want to target young black men for “gender transformative programming?”

What is happening to our nation?? I find the entire notion of “transformative programming” reprehensible. And I also find the notion of trying to deprogram masculinity out of men – black or white – highly disturbing.

For the last…oh, I don’t know…10,000 years of human history, things were so much simpler. There were men, and there were women, and for the most part, that was it.

Men and women had certain physical and hormonal characteristics – which made it easy for the genders to tell each other apart and of course, procreate.

Males were bigger and stronger because it was their job to hunt food and provide protection for the females whose job it was to give birth and take care of the brood.

Of course that’s an over-simplification, and of course things have evolved. I wouldn’t be sitting here today writing this if I weren’t the beneficiary of a cultural shift that allowed women to work, vote, choose careers, burn bras and spurn other undergarments.

But these days the very notion of “male” and “female” is being attacked by the left as a simplistic, bigoted “gender binary.” Manliness – but only in those actually BORN male – is under assault.

And in the great tradition of eugenic racists such as Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, our own government is paying for a study to see if it’s possible to tone down black masculinity.

Where is the outcry from Al Sharpton and #BlackLivesMatter? Am I the only one who finds this repulsive? I sure hope not.

[Note: This article was written with true admiration for old-fashioned masculinity by Michele Hickford]


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