Whoa: New Gallup poll shows impact of anti-gun efforts

If you needed a boost this Friday afternoon — after enduring a week that included listening to 11 hours of Hillary’s lies, capped off by the news that Lois Lerner’s getting off scot-free — here you go.

Despite — or perhaps because of — renewed calls for gun control and amped-up bashing of the National Rifle Association (NRA), a new poll finds the NRA remains popular with a majority of Americans. More popular than both current President Barack Obama and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

In fact, it’s enjoying a near-record approval rating.

Via the Washington Examiner:

Despite a crush of criticism from the Democratic party, its presidential candidates and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s lavish spending on anti-gun groups, the National Rifle Association is enjoying near record high approval ratings and its best-ever “very favorable” in a new Gallup poll.

The poll said that the NRA has experienced a three-year popularity jump and now has a 58 percent favorability rating in the United States. It has been higher only once in the last 26 years, 60 percent in 2005.

In fact, take a look at the trend line over President Obama’s second term and you’ll see approval for the NRA edging up.

Gallup NRA poll

“Even after shootings nationwide, Americans overall still have a favorable opinion of the NRA, as they typically have, suggesting that the public may not be specifically blaming the organization for the crimes of those who commit mass shootings,” said Gallup.

The poll analysis explained, “in a Gallup poll from Oct. 7-11, a solid majority of Americans (58%) say they have an overall favorable impression of the NRA. This includes the highest recording of ‘very favorable’ opinions (26%) since Gallup began asking this question in 1989.”

As Fox News noted, the NRA’s favorable rating beats the approval ratings of both President Obama and leading Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

According to a Gallup Poll between Oct.19-21, just under 50 percent approve of Obama’s job performance, while 45 percent disapprove. Meanwhile, in a NBC/Wall Street Journal survey of Americans taken Oct. 15-18, 39 percent of those surveyed had a favorable view of Clinton, compared to 48 percent with an unfavorable view.

While this is encouraging news, the catch is that both President Obama and the woman who hopes to succeed him have openly expressed their plans to take further executive action on gun control — opinions of the people they serve, be damned. So those of us who continue to believe in the vital importance of the Second Amendment will need to do everything in each of our individual powers to make sure we don’t end up with a President Hillary Clinton.

For now, it’s good to know liberals’ attempts to demonize the NRA are not swaying Americans — at least, not in the direction they’d hoped.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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