There’s one very DISTURBING question about the U.S. warrior just killed in Iraq

One thing you have to love about us southern folk is that we’re pretty simple people. We don’t like to use big words or talk lots, hence why we tend to shorten words to accommodate that tendency, like y’all, fittin’ to, ain’t, and yup. And because of our simple lexicon, we can be easily confused by these supposedly highly educated folks, especially dem’ dere’ Ivy League rascals.

So when President Barack Obama says that combat operations have ended and we don’t have troops deployed in a combat role, we get confused when the bad guys are still shootin.’ Maybe it’s because President Obama is too smart for himself.

As reported by Fox News, “Pentagon officials are “saddened” by the first American death in the ground fight against ISIS in Iraq, press secretary Peter Cook told reporters Thursday.

The U.S. Army Special Operator was killed in a rescue mission that freed as many as 70 ISIS hostages, defense officials said. A senior U.S. defense official said the service member was shot in a gunfight. The Pentagon said he died after receiving medical care, and no other Americans were hurt. The Arab hostages were freed from an ISIS prison in northern Iraq near Hawijah.

“People were chained to walls,” one well-placed military source told Fox News.”A mass atrocity was averted,” a senior U.S. defense source added. According to the Pentagon, rescuers “deliberately planned” the operation, and moved in when it was apparent that ISIS hostage takers were planning to kill the hostages.”

First of all, let me offer my condolences to the family of the U.S. Army Green Beret warrior who lost his life. Now, I have to ask, I thought we had no “combat” troops, i.e. boots on the ground in Iraq? Ain’t combat operations ended? So why are there hostages in Iraq for the U.S. military to rescue? And a gunfight? How can there have been a ground “gunfight?” My point is that President Obama needs to use simple language and come clean with the American people and tell us that the bad guys are still there shooting, and so are we.

I commend the bravery of our special operators. It is often said, “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” I thank God for the twenty-two years I had to walk amongst those “rough men” who stand ready to do what it takes to maintain the peace and protect our way of life. The problem I have is when confusing language is used that doesn’t provide specificity to the warrior on the ground.

I just have to ask, was the green light for this mission known by General Valerie Jarrett and the armchair commanders in the White House? If so, then we should be demanding to know what is our actual force structure on the ground in Iraq. The whole charade about not having “boots on the ground” has been debunked.

Just as in Afghanistan where two weeks ago a massive combined special operations raid was conducted against two al-Qaida base camps in Kandahar province, what is the status of our deployed forces? The last thing we need is for “mission creep” to rear its ugly head. Also, with all the confusion in the Iraq-Syria battlespace, supposedly we have reached an “agreement” with Russia. How does that affect our troops on the ground — since we clearly know they’re there?

What precludes us from having our ground forces engaged by Shiite militia, or perhaps the Quds Force operators — and does Russia have any ground forces operating in Iraq? We know a Russian Army general delivered the letter of demarche to our embassy in Baghdad requesting we not fly combat air sorties. I have to wonder, was something similar relating to our ground operations issued?

“When asked if the mission violated President Obama’s vow not to put boots on the ground in Iraq, Cook said U.S. forces can “protect against the loss of innocent life” in their support role. He said Defense Secretary Ash Carter approved the mission, and the White House was aware.

The senior defense official said the U.S. carried out airstrikes before and after the operation, destroying the prison afterwards. Officials said dozens of Kurdish Special Operations forces known as Peshmerga led the operation alongside dozens of U.S. Special Operations forces and five U.S. Special Operations helicopters. Four Peshmerga soldiers were reported wounded. The senior defense official also said the U.S. provided “enabling support,” including transportation, intelligence and advice. The mission was launched from Irbil, according to that official, who said no Westerners were rescued.”

I applaud the combined operation done in conjunction with the Kurdish Peshmerga, noted warriors. If we want to bring the fight to ISIS, we should deploy an Air Assault Infantry Brigade Combat Team and commence taking ISIS behind the woodshed — a southern euphemism, in case you were wondering. There’s no need for us pretending to fight and using carefully chosen words such as “protect against the loss of innocent life.” If that’s the case, we should be striking ISIS hard from the ground and air, because how many innocent Christian lives have been lost because of ISIS actions?

Sadly, Barack Obama doesn’t want to admit combat operations aren’t over, because no one heeded his unilateral declaration. We’re still fighting folks, and instead of the half-measures, we should just go for it. But that won’t happen in these final sixteen months. Why? Because campaign promises outweigh the reality of warfare.

And just a closing thought… How did our Special Operators conduct this operation, because the president just vetoed the Fiscal Year 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on Thursday. So under what or whose authorization did they conduct this raid? I’m glad they did, but it just goes to show the depth of confusion emanating from Obamaworld.


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