In Benghazi hearing, Hillary makes SHOCKING revelation about email

Even with a woman from whom we’ve come to expect less than the truth, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s revelation today during today’s House Benghazi Committee hearing is one for the books.

Via Breitbart:

Hillary Clinton says she did not generally send or receive emails during the daytime during her tenure as Secretary of State, despite copious evidence to the contrary.

“I did not email during the day except on rare occasions when I was able to,” Clinton said. Clinton spent a chunk of time at Thursday’s House Benghazi Committee hearing defending herself against the suggestion that she exposed classified information on email, saying that she did not conduct the business of the U.S. government on email.

Clinton said that she did agency business in classified briefings, including times when couriers brought her information that was “so top-secret it was brought into my office in briefcases” and had to be immediately returned to the courier.

However, State Department email dumps show many instances of Clinton emailing during the day, with her top aides, with her personal friends, with her adviser Sidney Blumenthal, and with many others. 

Clinton even went so far as to reveal she didn’t even have a computer in her office at the State Department. Really? What, did she need to reserve desk space for her fax machine? Someone might want to let Hillary know the 1980s called and want their office setup back.

Of course, we’ve all seen the now-iconic photo of Clinton checking her email on her BlackBerry. Perhaps her claiming to not have a computer is simply a Clinton-esque definition; things like BlackBerries (seen below) and iPads (which she’s discussed in her emails!) conveniently don’t count as ways to access her emails.

Hillary email

And despite her not using email much, the State Department is supposedly overwhelmed by the requests for her tens of thousands of emails. Which she and her staff took great pains to “wipe” clean from her personal server.

Yeah, it all adds up perfectly. This woman who wants to be president thinks we’re all too stupid to see through her blatant lies that blatantly contradict tangible proof. The truly sad thing is how many American voters seem to be proving her right.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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