Wow! NYC just did something AWESOME to honor slain police officer

We’ve been reporting today on the horrible murder of one of NYPD’s finest, police officer Randolph Holder, and the despicable reaction from some to this tragedy.

Tonight, I’m happy to report a lovely way the slain officer is being honored tonight in New York City.

We weren’t the only ones who applaud this class act; NYC-based Twitter users poster their own photos of the building lit in blue with their gratitude and blessings:

For the moment, I’ll set aside the questions of how NYC’s liberal policies and increasing hate rhetoric directed at police officers may have contributed to Officer Holder’s murder by a thug.

Though perhaps this is an appropriate moment to consider the suggestion from one Twitter user on how the Empire State Building might be used to further highlight the apparent war on police sweeping our nation:

We won’t hold our breath waiting to hear from the likes of our so-called leaders (looking at you, President Obama) on this.  But it is encouraging to see this honoring of Officer Holder — and all of our men and women in blue — and the outpouring of support it’s inspiring.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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