John Kerry needs to be fired for what he just said about Israel…immediately

I’ll keep this rather short. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry must resign or be fired — and take his spokesman John Kirby with him. If this doesn’t happen, then there’s no other deduction than his behavior and statements reflect the sentiments of President Barack Obama.

We recently shared with you the inane comments of the K2 dynamic duo of Kerry and Kirby. And it seems it didn’t end there.

As reported by the Washington Examiner: 

Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday said the violent attacks taking place by Palestinians against Jewish people in Israel are “random acts of violence.”

We continue to urge everybody to exercise restraint and restrain from any kind of self-help in terms of the violence, and Israel has every right in the world to protect its citizens, as it has been, from random acts of violence,” Kerry said in Madrid, Spain after meeting with Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo. 

Kerry’s remark is likely to lead to complaints that the Obama administration is downplaying what Israel says is a premeditated plan to murder Jews in Israel. Palestinian religious leaders have called for these attacks, and Israel has said it counterattacks have been defensive in nature. 

Critics of the Obama administration have also said officials are treating the violence as equivalent, by calling on “both sides” to help reduce tensions.”  

Don’t believe me? Watch the video yourself:

Remember how President Obama referred to the Paris kosher deli attack in the same manner, “random act of violence”? What is it with this administration that precludes them from addressing the issue of Islamic jihadism and terrorist attacks? Doggone Hamas is releasing videos of how to stab a Jew. Mahmoud Abbas is using incendiary rhetoric on social media to call for more of his Islamic terrorist legions to conduct attacks against Israelis.

Is it any wonder Abbas has taken such a bold stance, after being invited to address the UN General Assembly and knowing Iran’s about to have a financial windfall, thanks to the Obama administration? And what’s this “urge everybody to exercise restraint from any kind of self-help” gibberish? Are the Israelis just supposed to sit back and allow the “un-random” acts of Islamic jihadists attacks to continue? How can John Kerry make a moral equivalency statement when it comes to the citizens of a sovereign nation being attacked on their own streets? And does anyone think Kerry’s words are not emboldening Abbas and his demons? There’s no excuse for this and it’s becoming more and more apparent that the Obama administration does not see this as an issue.

Matter of fact, why is Kerry going to Israel or to the Fatah-held areas at all? I will not longer speak the words, “Palestinian Authority” — this is Fatah, the PLO, a terrorist organization and it must be eradicated. Anyone who considers Abu Mazen, Abbas’ nom de guerre, as a willing peace partner, is simply delusional. He should be declared an enemy and seen for what he is, the leader of a terrorist group. There’s nothing random about any of this, no coincidence. Just as Barack Obama abandoned four Americans to die in Benghazi, the wolves of Islam sense his abandonment of Israel.

I just have to ask the Jewish-American community one question — seen enough yet?

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