Awesome chart DESTROYS liberal arguments about voter ID

H/T to the Federalist Papers for this gem.


It just never ceases to amaze me how blatant liberal lies are allowed to grow and fester and gain so much traction in our society.

As the Washington Examiner wrote in 2014, “Polls show that a large majorities including Republicans, Democrats, whites, blacks and Hispanics support voter ID as a common-sense reform. The myth that voter ID is a new Jim Crow-type effort to reduce minority voting is widely rejected for the rubbish that it is — except by academia and the glitterati of the mainstream media. One Rasmussen poll found that 72 percent of the public believes all voters should prove their identities before being allowed to cast ballots, and also that when it comes to voter ID, “opinions have not changed much over the years.”

Further, there’s sharp disagreement over how many people lack proper identification. Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, who is himself black, pointed out in the Wall Street Journal that “one of the most often-cited factoids — something that sounds authoritative but is not fact-based — is the NAACP’s claim that 25 percent of black American adults lack a government-issued photo ID. Think about that for a moment. This would mean that millions of African-American men and women are unable to legally drive, cash a check, board an airliner or participate in everyday activities of modern life.” Hyperbole of this sort perpetuates the patronizing view that minorities are helpless victims.”

But maybe they’re not as helpless as the left wants you to believe. In states where Voter ID laws have been enacted, there has been no disastrous suppression of the minority vote. The Washington Examiner points out that Georgia’s voter ID law went into effect in 2008 after it was challenged and upheld in both federal and state court. With the law in place, voter turnout has consistently increased, with 65 percent of the black voting-age population casting ballots in 2008, compared with 54.4 percent in 2004. Even without Obama on the ballot, the pattern held: While only 42.9 percent of registered black Georgians voted in 2006, 50.4 percent voted in 2010.”

But you’ll NEVER hear any black activists quote those stats. Why ruin a perfectly good false narrative?

[Note: This article was written with increasing exasperation by Michele Hickford]

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