CNN asked Hillary about those “damn emails”; her response will leave you SPEECHLESS

One of the most talked-about moments from Tuesday night’s Democrat debate was when Bernie Sanders came to the defense of rival Hillary Clinton, suggesting Americans were sick and tired of hearing about her “damn emails.” Watching Hillary’s response in that moment — and the reaction in the echo chamber within the debate auditorium — I got the sense that many felt Bernie’s comment should put a nice end, once and for all, to this little email distraction.

Despite the wishes of some Democrats, including the Queen herself, Bernie Sanders’ all-powerful magic wand wasn’t enough to wave this issue away. As we reported yesterday, the FBI is zeroing in on particular charges that could land Clinton in prison for 10 years.

And even the liberal media isn’t dropping the matter. So what’s a presumptive presidential nominee to do when the people — and even the press — won’t stop bugging you about your potential grossly negligent handling of state secrets and obstruction of justice? Apparently, if you’re Hillary Clinton, you try yet another strategy — and one that will leave everyone speechless.

Via The Blaze:

Hillary Clinton burst into uncontrollable laughter Friday when asked by CNN host Jake Tapper about the ongoing controversy surrounding her use of a private email server as secretary of state. Tapper brought up a comment Clinton’s 2016 rival Bernie Sanders made during this week’s debate in which he said he was tired of hearing about her “damn emails.”

“There are a lot of people who are not,” Tapper said as Clinton burst out into laughter.

Tapper continued, with Clinton still laughing, “Including FBI officials looking into whether national security was compromised.”

The likely Democratic nominee’s reaction was immediately panned by the Republican National Committee. “State Department rules, a federal judge, and the Obama Administration’s own guidelines have all made clear what she did was not allowed,” spokesman Michael Short said in a statement. “While Hillary Clinton may think she can mislead and laugh off tough questions about her judgment, her growing email scandal personifies why an overwhelming majority of Americans don’t trust her.”

Others chimed in on Twitter.

So, what do you think: is Hillary’s response a spontaneous, nervous reaction to an uncomfortable question — or a (mis)calculated, Allinsky-esque strategy to slough off the very serious matter being raised?

Is this the new “what difference does it make?” It’s another tactic that shows us clearly just who this woman really is. She makes a mockery of Americans killed overseas and, now, the likelihood she jeopardized our national security. I see nothing funny about either of those.

Clinton’s maniacal laugh transmits clearly this woman’s belief that she’s above the law — untouchable — unlike the rest of us mere mortals for whom she shows such disdain.

@nicktjacob sums up the feelings of many:

This woman is not fit to be our leader.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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